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Новости по всем брендам - в один блог

This week, we discussed how to enhance our communication tools globally at Online, the parent company of Scaleway. Our goal is to improve the way we interact with you.

It is often hard for our clients to understand the differences and similarities between Online, Iliad Datacenter and Scaleway as we have multiple tools to interact with our respective communities.

Online, as a company, is the 3rd largest hosting company in Europe and a major actor on the hosting market for more than 10 years. We offer a wide range of products under different brands we've introduced over time:
  • Iliad Datacenter, our Data Centers, since 1999
  • BookMyName, our domain name registrar, since 2000
  • Dedibox, the famous rock solid dedicated servers, since 2005
  • Scaleway, the most trending cloud platform on earth, since 2015
  • C14, the most affordable cold cloud storage solution on the market, for 6 days

We believe we now need to unify some communication tools to share the news about all of these products with you. We've seen our users have great interest for all our announcements, the technical challenges we face and companies insights.

Today, we're gathering our blog and community channels. Our new communication tools will now look as follow:
We really hope you will love these unified channels and want to thank each of you for your trust. We are really happy to have you as part of the global Online adventure.

C2 and CentOS General Availability

We're glad to announce the general availability of the C2 servers. We will reach a production of 10 000 BareMetal servers per month in july thanks to the ramp up of the C2 production.

Cloud computing is an amazing technology which should be backed by BareMetal servers. Today, we're moving a step forward in this direction.

The pricing stays the same as during the preview, with the C2S starting at €11.99 a month.
All C2 limits have been upgraded to the new standard quota for C2 servers. If you wish to deploy 100s, 1000s or even more C2 servers, let us know, we will increase your limits!

CentOS General Availability
We've been working with the CentOS community to support CentOS on arm since several month and we're proud to announce that we're now able to provide CentOS on both ARM and x86!

C2 Ramp Up: 10 000 BareMetal Servers per Month

The C2 is now available in mass production with the same insane pricing as during the preview.

We're glad to announce that after seven month of growth throttling, you can now directly signup to the Scaleway platform! You won't wait anymore to try our BareMetal offering, you can signup now!

All C2 limits have been upgraded to the new standard quota for C2 servers.
If you wish to deploy 100s, 1000s or even more C2 servers, let us know, we will increase your limits!

We've been working to increase our production speed and we are now able to produce over 360 physical servers per day. In june, we will produce over 8 000 C2s to meet the huge demand we have. We plan to ramp up the production to more than 10 000 C2 per month in july.


Docker Machine on Scaleway

Docker Machine is a tool designed to manage Docker Engine setup on local and remote hosts. Docker Machine does all the host deployment work for you: it provisions the host, installs Docker Engine on them, and then configures the Docker client to talk to the Docker Engines.

We now provide a driver for Docker Machine to easily manage all your containers on Scaleway. Docker Machine can now be used to provision all your Docker hosts on our cloud platform!


C2: Insanely Affordable x86-64 Servers

Cloud Riders, we have some exciting news today: our new servers offers are now available! The C2 is now ready and at an insanely low price.
Let's go straight to the point, today we're launching the C2, our new BareMetal server, in 3 different variants starting at €11.99 per month or €0.024 per hour:

Like the C1, this price includes 50GB of SSD storage upgradable up to 1TB per server in a few clicks. For the first time on market, we're introducing next generation 2500Base-X networking as a standard feature with one 2500Base-X NIC on the C2S and two 2500Base-X NICs on the C2M and C2L, allowing for 5Gbit/s of internal bandwidth.
You can get up to 800Mbit/s of internet bandwidth with unlimited transfer, you won't get any bad surprise with bandwidth fees!

The C2 server has been designed in our HQ in Paris, it's based on Intel Avoton SoCs for a maximum of efficiency.

We're also introducing a new type of SSD on our C2L offer: Direct SSD. Direct SSDs (DSSD) are directly connected SSDs to the server through a SATA port to remove all bottlenecks. DSSDs are made for distributed database or data intensive applications. The C2L comes with 250GB of Direct SSD. Keep in mind that DSSD are tied to the physical server, they will be erased when you stop your server from the control panel.


Scaleway Is Growing Too Fast: Out of Stock

Today, we have a quite embarrassing news: we are near out of stock.
Since Scaleway’s launch, we have seen a great adoption of the C1 server. To allow more people to join the Scaleway adventure, we slashed the price of the C1 server by 70%. This was two month ago, and since then, our growth has been really amazing. We added as many servers as we could, racked new chassis and blades, but not fast enough to satisfy the demand. Today, we are near out of stock and our team is working with our supply chain to get enough C1 servers as soon as possible.

To avoid being completely out of stock for existing customers, we will stop accepting new customers today. Our existing customers will still be able to order new servers to grow with us.
New customers can join us by requesting an invite, directly from our website or through an existing customer.
When capacity allows, invites will be processed in a FIFO way: first people who request an invite will be the first to get access to the platform.

In the meantime, if you don't have an active account with us, we recommend renting servers from our mother company, Online.net. They have a lot of excellent dedicated server, like the Dedibox SC backed by 2GB of ram and 500GB of SSHD drive for 5.99€/month.

We'll continue to add capacity as hardware comes in.

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Slashing public cloud prices by 70 percent

Today, we're very excited to introduce a huge pricing change on the Scaleway services.

We believe that cloud computing is an amazing technology, where people should get flexible ressources for an affordable price. That's why today we decided to reduce the C1 price from €9.99 to €2.99.

In brief, the new pricing will result in the following changes:
  • C1 Server price goes from €9.99 to €2.99 (reduced by 70%)
  • Additional SSD volume price goes from €2 to €1 per 50GB (reduced by 50%)
  • Reserved IP goes from €1.99 to €0.99 (reduced by 50%)

Of course, all InstantApps from the ImageHub benefit of the price cut. It means that you can now get all the applications from the Hub starting at €2.99 per month. The ImageHub offers you a large choice of app from developer stack to ready to use applications like:
  • a Private VPN for €2.99 per month (reduced by 70%)
  • a Seedbox with 150GB of SSD for €4.99 per month (reduced by 65%)
  • a WordPress blog for €2.99 per month (reduced by 70%)

The new pricing is effective since the 1st of September, 2015 for all ressources and accounts.