ODS – High performances SQL database infrastructure

We are excited to announce Online DBaaS, our fully managed SQL database solution, is ready to host all your databases under the ODS brand!

ODS gives you a direct database access without worrying about infrastructure provisioning, monitoring, backups, or common databases management operations. You can scale up and down the memory required for your databases and can initiate consistent snapshots at any time.

ODS comes with MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL and is accessible from anywhere:
  • Via the Online RPN technology which provides a publicly isolated interface and allows you to inter-connect ODS with your Dedibox BareMetal servers and web hosting solutions
  • Over internet so you can inter-connect and access ODS from any infrastructure.

Everything you know about MySQL databases still applies with ODS: configurations, codes, queries work as excepted. To deploy and maintain your databases much faster, ODS comes with a large set of included features via the API or from the Online control panel:
  • Import & export so you can transport your data within an ODS database in seconds. Users, roles, passwords, data and indexes information are kept untouched so you do not waste any time.
  • Easy migration to handle your peak traffic load and easily scale up or down your memory resources on demand.
  • Database auto backup: ODS offers automated backups that runs every days with a default retention time of 45 days.
  • Firewall to allow only specific IPs to connect to your ODS instance.
  • Edit the database server settings to fit your requirements.
  • And much more.
ODS is the ideal solution for everyone looking for a fully managed and affordable database infrastructure. Storage and RAM are bundled into one unique and simple pricing with no hidden costs. Each ODS bundle is billed on a monthly basis, without commitment so you are totally free.

ODS is backed by the IBM Power8 architecture which delivers incredibly fast performances. IBM Power8 + ODS is the perfect combo to unleash your databases performances and enjoy fastest speeds and best reliability for your applications.

January 2017 special deal live now

Announcing January 2017
BareMetal Servers
We are excited to announce that our January 2017 special deals are live! 26 amazing server configurations are available starting at €6.99 per month with up to 70% off discount. This special pricing lets you enjoy true dedicated servers at the smartest price on the market and without setup fee.

We have a limited quantity so first-come, first-served, be fast!

Happy new year!

As we start this New Year, we wanted to thank you for being a Online customer!
2016 was an incredible year with a lot of new products and features, and we want to thank everyone of you who helped us with inspiration, beta testing, and continuous feedbacks.


High performances SQL database infrastructure for any workloads
Online DBaaS provides a fully managed runtime environment for your databases in an all-SSD platform. This way, you get incredibly fast performances and just have to focus on your apps while we ensure your databases are always up & running.

The flexible and powerful network service to interconnect your infrastructure in a secure and private way
RPNv2 is an Online service to interconnect your infrastructure in a secure and private way. You create affinity groups and bind resources in the groups of your choice so they can communicate with each other in a physically isolated network.

Thirteen new Dedibox servers released
We announced thirteen new BareMetal servers variants in 2016 to handle all your workloads always at the best price.

Новости по всем брендам - в один блог

This week, we discussed how to enhance our communication tools globally at Online, the parent company of Scaleway. Our goal is to improve the way we interact with you.

It is often hard for our clients to understand the differences and similarities between Online, Iliad Datacenter and Scaleway as we have multiple tools to interact with our respective communities.

Online, as a company, is the 3rd largest hosting company in Europe and a major actor on the hosting market for more than 10 years. We offer a wide range of products under different brands we've introduced over time:
  • Iliad Datacenter, our Data Centers, since 1999
  • BookMyName, our domain name registrar, since 2000
  • Dedibox, the famous rock solid dedicated servers, since 2005
  • Scaleway, the most trending cloud platform on earth, since 2015
  • C14, the most affordable cold cloud storage solution on the market, for 6 days

We believe we now need to unify some communication tools to share the news about all of these products with you. We've seen our users have great interest for all our announcements, the technical challenges we face and companies insights.

Today, we're gathering our blog and community channels. Our new communication tools will now look as follow:
We really hope you will love these unified channels and want to thank each of you for your trust. We are really happy to have you as part of the global Online adventure.