Scaleway Enters A New Growth Phase

Today, we're excited to announce Scaleway is entering a new growth phase. Our goal is to massively increase our product offering in the coming months.
To support this ambitious plan and release products faster than ever, we have job opportunities for Engineers, DevOps, SRE, Product Managers and all kind of talented people.
Over 250 positions are curently open in La Maison Paris & Lille, France.

Checkout our open positions
If you want to see amazing products and you know talented people dreaming about pure technology, spread the word!

Scaleway September 2017 Amsterdam Network Outage

Today, we want to explain what happened lately with our network in Amsterdam.
Between Friday the 15th and Wednesday 20th, a large portion of our users in Amsterdam suffered from network troubles. We know that you placed your trust in our services, and an outage like this is unacceptable. We would like to apologize and assume full responsibility for the situation. We'd like to share all of the details about this event.

Last Friday, we started to receive notifications from our customers related to network performance issues.
Our engineering team started to investigate right away but nothing stand out. The uplinks of the Amsterdam platform were nearly full but we were not able to reproduce the dramatic performance issue reported.
The same day, the software powering our NAT layer was upgraded to support a new IP range as our current IP pool was completely empty.
Following the upgrade, two NAT server were not restarted, our initial assumption was that this was strengthening the bandwidth shortage. We restarted these servers to increase the NAT capacity and continued to monitor the situation.
Bandwidth usage was still high but links were not completly full.

Introducing ARMv8 SSD Cloud Servers

In April 2015, exactly 2 years ago, we announced Scaleway, the first IaaS provider worldwide to offer an ARM based cloud.

Today, we’re excited to disrupt once again the hosting industry with the first ARMv8 SSD Cloud Servers worldwide for developers.
We're introducing 3 Starter ARMv8 servers, starting at €2.99 per month or €0.006 per hour:
  • ARM64-2GB — 2x ARMv8 cores — 2GB Memory — 50GB SSD — €2.99/mo
  • ARM64-4GB — 4x ARMv8 cores — 4GB Memory — 100GB SSD — €5.99/mo
  • ARM64-8GB — 8x ARMv8 cores — 8GB Memory — 200GB SSD — €11.99/mo
These new servers are backed by Cavium ThunderX SoCs, high end processors designed for the cloud and come with 200Mbit/s of internet bandwidth with unlimited transfer. This means you won't pay any bandwidth fee.

Scaleway - Workload Intensive Servers General Availability

We are thrilled to announce that the Workload Intensive Cloud Servers are now available in Amsterdam. We're also officially ending the preview phase and entering General Availability on this server range.

These new servers are the most powerful in our lineup thanks to their Intel Xeon SoCs and DDR4 memory. With up to 120GB of RAM and 12 Xeon cores, you can now run all your memory and compute intensive workloads directly on Scaleway, starting at €24.99/mo:
  • X64-15GB — 6 x64 cores — 15GB Memory — €24.99/mo
  • X64-30GB — 8 x64 cores — 30GB Memory — €49.99/mo
  • X64-60GB — 10 x64 cores — 60GB Memory — €89.99/mo
  • X64-120GB — 12 x64 cores — 120GB Memory — €179.99/mo
The Workload Intensive servers are available with the same pricing as during the preview. As all our cloud servers, they benefit from unlimited transfer and you're billed by the hour up to a monthly cap of 500 hours.

If you wish to deploy 100s, 1000s or even more servers, let us know, we will increase your limits!

Amsterdam network upgrade
Last week, we increased the AMS1 network backbone capacity to support the new Workload Intensive Servers. After an upgrade of our core routers, we've added 200gb/s of network capacity: 100gb/s to AMX-IX and 100gb/s with Level3. We now have a total capacity of 800Gb/s in AMS1 allowing us to deliver a robust and reliable local connectivity.

Workload Intensive Cloud Servers: New Variants

Today, we're introducing two new types of Workload Intensive Cloud Servers completing our cloud server lineup:
  • 6 Xeon Cores with 15GB of RAM and 200GB of SSD for €24.99 per month
  • 8 Xeon Cores with 30GB of RAM and 400GB of SSD for €49.99 per month
Our Workload Intensive Cloud Servers now include variants with 15GB and 30GB of RAM starting at €24.99 per month:

These new server variants provide a viable alternative to our C2L server with increased per core performances, thanks to powerful Intel Xeon SoCs and DDR4 ECC memory.

As all our cloud servers, they benefit from unlimited transfer and you're billed by the hour up to a monthly cap of 500 hours.

With cloud servers ranging from 2GB to 120GB, you're now able to smoothly grow your projects with Scaleway.

Our Workload Intensive cloud servers are currently in preview in Paris. We should reach general availability in both Amsterdam and Paris in early March as planned.

Scaleway Global Expansion Starts in Amsterdam

Scaleway Global Expansion Starts in Amsterdam!
We are excited to announce the launch of our second region! Starting today, you can launch BareMetal and Starter cloud servers in both Paris and Amsterdam.
Netherlands presence allows us to offer our disruptive BareMetal and Starter cloud servers with ultra-low latency to north and central European customers. Amsterdam offers great connectivity options and we're directly connected to AMS-IX.

You can start a 2GB cloud server in Amsterdam for €2.99/mo or get up to 32GB for €23.99/mo including unlimited transfer. As always, you'll be billed by the hour, try it!

The Amsterdam region is designed to be totally independent to increase your services reliability with one unique interface to manage all your servers.

Build your infrastructure with Terraform, Nomad and Consul on Scaleway

Terraform is a cloud agnostic automation tool to safely and efficiently manage your infrastructure as the configuration evolves. Terraform comes with Scaleway support since >= v0.7.0 which makes it a great tool to version and continuously develop your Scaleway infrastructure with ease.

In this blog post I show Terraform new capabilities by setting up a small Web App using Consul, Nomad and Fabio.
  • Consul is a tool for service discovery and configuration. Consul is distributed, highly available, and extremely scalable.
  • Nomad is a distributed scheduler which allows to run arbitrary tasks, ensures that services are always running and takes care of dynamic re-allocation if instances are unavailable.
  • fabio is a fast, modern, zero-conf load balancing HTTP router for deploying applications managed by consul.