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OVH Dedicated server prices to go up by 20% new and existing customers

At OVH we are committed to remaining competitive in both our prices and product ranges. While we have postponed action for as long as possible, economic changes following the Brexit decision have forced us to re-evaluate our pricing.

Back in June the UK decided to leave the European Union which caused the UK economy to rock and weakened the British pound against the Euro/Dollar. This impacted many businesses across the UK and in OVH’s case it triggered a price increase from our suppliers which we have absorbed over the past few months.

In response, OVH has had to carefully review its pricing structure across certain product ranges. As expected, following our in-depth review we have had to increase our Dedicated Server prices by 20%. We are in the process of updating our website to reflect this change today (Thursday the 15th of December). At the moment the new pricing only affects new customers and new orders. In contrast, as a valued existing customer, these changes will not be applied to your existing servers until your 15th of January 2017 invoice.

Thank you for your understanding and continued trust in OVH. Hiren Parekh,
Director, Sales & Marketing

180W waterblock replacement

We have noticed a potential long term reliability issue (3 years) with our 130W CPU cooling waterblocks.
To prevent any failure in the future, we will exceptionnally replace the cooling system on impacted
servers with a new 180W generation waterblock which is guaranteed for ten years.

Our datacenters technicians will perform the intervention at night. The average downtime is between 13mn and 17mn, depending on
the server type.
Affected customers will be notified by ticket several days prior to the intervention.

This task will be updated with each datacenter rack list on which we are planning to intervene on.

If you have any other questions, please read the status task associated status update.

RunAbove Innovation zone - Dedicated Server labs closing

Thanks for beta testing our Dedicated servers, on So you Start and RunAbove Labs. Your feedbacks will help us improve the service and match products to your needs.

These public beta Labs will now end. You will no longer be able to renew your server and the last month of your subscription will be refunded.

Here is the list of the labs about to be closed:
  • 1501 – E3-1231v3 CPU Servers
  • 1502 – i7-4790k CPU Servers
  • 1507 – E3-1285v4 CPU Servers
  • 1508 – TITAN-X GPU Servers
  • 1521 – GTX GPU Servers
  • 1527 – i7-6700k CPU Servers
  • 162 – ARM Servers
  • 1513 – NVMe disk Servers

Therefore we invite you to backup all data stored on your server before the Friday, December 9th. If you don't complete a backup, service will be desactivated and data erased.

If you want to keep on using those configurations, most of them are available on OVH.com dedicated servers website.

If you have any question, please subscribe to our public mailing-list: hardware.labs@ml.ovh.net. (to subscribe, write to: hardware.labs_subrscribe@ml.ovh.net).

Kind regards, OVH RunAbove Team

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