In June, double dose of good news

1. Deployment of Gandi Cloud on #gandiv5
2. HTTP/2 on Simple Hosting
3. Gandi V5 for Resellers now in Beta
4. New TLD releases: .app, .icu, and .llc
5. Promo Roundup

1. Deployment of Gandi Cloud on #gandiv5
If you've been waiting for Gandi Cloud products to be supported on our new site, get ready: we've started deploying the necessary features to support this service. For more information, check out this article:

2. HTTP/2 on Simple Hosting
We also recently deployed some updates to our Simple Hosting service, including support for HTTP/2, TLS1.3, and new caching features, all of which promise to improve performance on your websites. Read all about it in our article about the recent update to our Web Accelerator:

3. Gandi V5 for Resellers now in Beta
Another long-awaited piece of news, we've recently launched the first tests of the #gandiv5 interface for resellers, thanks to the many numerous feautres deployed progressively since the initial launch of our new platform. Speaking of which, we're currently looking for resellers willing to beta test some soon-to-be-released features. If you're interested, fill out this form with your Gandi reseller handle:

4. New TLD releases: .app, .icu, and .llc
It's been a bit quiet when it comes to TLD releases lately, but in this past month, we saw three new TLDs released:
— The TLD for everything app-releated, .app entered the GoLive phase on May 8. When it first opened for registration, .app surpassed 100,000 registrations in barely 24 hours:
— The I-see-you TLD, .icu, also entered the GoLive phase this month, on May 29. Not only that, but the first year of your .icu domain is just €2.50:
— And .llc entered the Sunrise phase on June 5. You can already submit your registration for the other two phases and we'll send it when it enters the phase of your choice:

5. Promo roundup
And to round things off, here's a roundup of promos running this month:
— First year half price on .ist and .istanbul Get your .ist or .istanbul for half price until the end of the year:
— Shop for a .shop for the summer You can get your .shop domain for just €2.99 for the first year from June 1 through June 30, 2018:

Free snapshots, Sieve filters and more

A good, deep spring cleaning can really shake off the old, stale wintery feeling in a place and bring in new freshness and life. Deep, dark corners that haven't seen the light all year get swept out, furniture and even clothes get replaced and rearranged. It starts to seem like not even the same house anymore (or studio flat as the case may be).

But that kind of change is good, we think, and it's just the kind of spring cleaning we've been doing in every corner this spring. If you've been following us the last few months, you already know about a few.

This month, our new data centre infrastructure, FR-SD3, which we introduced in alpha testing earlier this year, is now in beta. We introduced free snapshots on Simple Hosting and then added an extra 10 Gb of storage to 20 Gb of storage free per instance. We also rolled out sieve server rules on Gandi Mail allowing free email filtering, sorting, auto-reply and more through our new SOGo webmail platform. We're also in Copenhagen this week for ICANN58. We have a brief update about .tel domains to make sure you're all aware of and then on to the TLD release calendar and promo roundup for March.

1. FR-SD3 is now in Beta
One area we've been freshening up lately is our hosting infrastructure. It was to that end that we introduced a new data centre earlier this year, FR-SD3. Since that introduction, FR-SD3 has been in alpha testing, but, everything having gone well so far, we're ready to take it into the beta phase.

Find out when and what that will mean for you:

2. Update: Snapshots, 20 Gb storage now free on Simple Hosting
Speaking of hosting, on our Simple Hosting platform, we introduced free snapshots on Simple Hosting instances. Snapshots are a great tool for creating and scheduling backups.
Get the relevant details on this change:
And not only that, we are now increasing the default disk size for Simple Hosting instances up to 20 Gb.
Check our announcement for specifics:

3. Filters, sorting, and auto-reply on Gandi Mail
Last month we introduced SOGo, our new webmail platform, in beta and this month we introduced the next development in our rethinking of our mail service: sieve server rules.

For those who are not familiar with Sieve, this means that you can add rules to your mailboxes, like spam filters, out-of-office replies, and sorting into folders.

Read how to activate and use Sieve filters:

4. Gandi at ICANN
This week from 11 March through 16 March, ICANN, the non-profit corporation that sets policy for all domains on the internet, is holding a public meeting in Copenhagen — ICANN 58. And representatives from Gandi will be there!

If you're there too, let us know. We'd be happy to meet up. Otherwise, these public meetings are great chances for, well, the public to weigh in on issues affecting internet policy. Even if you can't attend in person, many presentations and events have online chatrooms where anyone who registers can ask questions. Find out more and participate from the meeting schedule page:

5. Changes to .tel domains
Finally, a bit of housekeeping before we get on to the TLD release calendar and Promo roundup. The registry for .tel domains recently announced changes that will impact everyone with a .tel domain and anyone interested in getting one.
In short, these domains will no longer have to be directly linked to telephony.
If you have one of these domains, be sure to have a look:

6. TLD Release Calendar
Wednesday 15 March:
  • .hospital (Landrush)
  • .企业 (.xn--vhquv, Chinese for «company») (Landrush)
  • .商店 (.xn--czrs0t, Chinese for «shop») (Landrush)
  • .娱乐 (.xn--fjq720a, Chinese for «entertainment») (Landrush)
  • .游戏 (.xn--unup4y, Chinese for «games») (Landrush)

Wednesday 22 March:
  • .hospital (GoLive)
  • .企业 (.xn--vhquv) (GoLive)
  • .商店 (.xn--czrs0t) (GoLive)
  • .娱乐 (.xn--fjq720a) (GoLive)
  • .游戏 (.xn--unup4y) (GoLive)

7. Promo Roundup
And now let's round up some promos.
Only in March, all month:
Starting 1 March:

Starting 7 March:

Ending 31 March:

Ongoing promos:

That's it for spring cleaning this month. If it seems like a lot of change, we're just cleaning house.

If you'd like to reach us, feel free:

DPML, .org promo and more

Have you been paying attention?

This month has been full of distractions (though let's not go there). But relax. We're hear to catch you up on what you may have missed at Gandi.

Let's start with a new, limited-time option from Donuts for new gTLDs called DPML Plus. We'll guide you through what regular old DPML is and then see what's changing and what the Plus is for.

Then we'll stop off at .org for an excellent promo that just got going.

After that, in case you missed it, we'll give you a rundown on what we've been up to. We've been busy this past month and this coming one, both inside our offices and outside.

And then we'll see what ICANN's been up to, at least in terms of delegating new strings, with this month's Recently-delegated TLDs update.

And as always, we'll peak at the TLD release calendar and then round up this month's promos.

Anyway we know it's so easy for things to slip by when you're not watching. That's why we're summing it all up here.

1. Changes to Donuts's DPML protection
While it may be of general interest to just about anyone, Donuts's DPML protection programme is mostly of interest to those who own trademarks and want to protect them across new TLDs. If that's you and you didn't catch our rundown of the changes to the programme, we suggest looking into it. At least before the end of the year when things really change.

What it is and what changed:

2. Half-price .org domains
Another time-sensitive bit of news that we wouldn't want you miss this month is that .org domains are currently half-price on the first year of registration. Take a look at our full promo roundup below and you'll notice that most of them are new TLDs. It's pretty rare to see such a significant promo on an old standby like .org. And this one's only good for first 5,000 domains created and only goes until the end of the year, so get them while they're still hot.

Get a half-price .org while you can:

3. Events at Gandi
We've had a busy month across our various offices. Here's just a few
things we've been up to.

— Kernel Recipes
Running from September 28 through 30 in Paris, Gandi helped sponsor Kernel Recipes, consisting of three days off talks, totally about 20 talks, plus «lightning» talks. If the name doesn't make it obvious, Kernel Recipes largely revolves around discussion of open source, especially

For photos, videos, and more for this year's event, check them out on the Kernel Recipes site.

— CaliOpen
Since 2013, we've been sponsoring the open source messaging project CaliOpen as one of our premier sponsored projects. This past month, CaliOpen announced that they'd secured financing from BPIFrance.

If you don't yet know of CaliOpen, it's an open source project to make secure electronic communication of all forms easy. For details, check out CaliOpen's site.

— Holberton School
On the US side of things, we've opened our doors up to Holberton School, a project-based, peer learning programming school. We're devoting a portion of our office space in SoMA in San Francisco as a co-working space and we've been glad to see them stopping by.

You can find out more about Holberton School on their website.
Or read the press release or even this article or more information on the help we're providing.

See photos and videos from Kernel Recipes 2016:
Check out CaliOpen (in French):
Find out more about Holberton School:

4. Events outside Gandi
— M3AAWG Paris
From October 24 through October 27 members of our abuse team based in Paris (they mitigate abuse, not deal it out, in case you were wondering) attended M3AAWG, the Messaging Malware Anti-Abuse Working Group. M3AAWG is a critical part of developing best practices for combating online spam, fraud, and malware online We're happy to be able to participate in M3AAWG meetings and just as previous meetings have taken place right in our neighbourhood in San Francisco, this time our home city of Paris was selected, which is convenient for us.
— ICANN Hyderabad
We've been covering a lot of ICANN related news lately, and maybe that was in part out of anticipation for ICANN57.

ICANN57 just wrapped up in Hyderabad and according to some changes in the structure and rhythm of ICANN meetings approved back in 2014, ICANN57 was a little longer than ICANN56, lasting a full seven days, with two public forum sessions.

While, admittedly, a great depth of material isn't available, a good starting point for anyone who missed ICANN57 but are curious about the meeting is ICANN's blog.

Otherwise, we also use this meeting as a chance to meet face-to-face with many of our partners up and down the domain name food chain, and it was of course great to have that opportunity as well.

As for future events, as the year comes to a close and the winter Federal holiday season approaches, we don't expect a lot of upcoming events. However, keep on eye on our meet up page for The Root Zone [ ], our periodic DNS-themed meet up we
coordinate with CloudFlare.


5. Recently-Delegated TLDs
While battles for this month's batch of newly delegated TLDs are long over, in case you missed them, this past month's recently-delegated new TLDs post focuses on the question of who is better suited to be awarded the contract for a new gTLD: an organisation or company already closely
associated with the TLD or a large «portfolio» registry?

Find out how this month's TLDs answer that question:

6. TLD release Calendar
Not many TLDs will be or have already been released this month, but there are a few. In particular, we wanted to highlight .blog, entering the GoLive phase 21 November. This is a great opportunity to do some one-stop shopping by getting a .blog and attaching it to a Simple
Hosting instance with one-click Wordpress installation (see for
more information):

Tuesday 8 November:
  • .makeup (GoLive)

Monday 21 November:
  • .blog (GoLive)

Wednesday 27 November:
  • .xn--fjq720a («entertainment») (GoLive)
  • .xn--vhquv («company») (GoLive)
  • .xn--czrs0t («shop») (GoLive)
  • .xn--unup4y («games») (GoLive)
Stay tuned for updates!

7. Promo Roundup
Yeehaww we're rounding up a whole herd of promos this month (including that .org one we mentioned above) in this month's Promo Roundup. Catch up with the full roundup below:

Only in November:
.top creations €1.00 and renewals half-price:
.club renewals reduced-price:
.me just €5.00:
.eu half-price:

Starting 1 November:
.org half-price through 31 December — first 5,000 domains only!

Starting 7 November:
.markets, .trading 75% off first year through 12 February:

Starting 8 November:
.shop creation for €10.00 until 31 January:
Ending 30 November:
.design €10.00 through 30 November:
.link €4.00 through 30 November:
.photo €4.50 through 30 November:
.audio, .hiphop, .guitars €6.95, €9.87, and €12.48 through 30 November:

Ongoing promotions:
.cat €5.00 through 11 January:
.live, .studio, .video half-price through 31 December:
.desi half-price through 31 December:
.store €7.99 per year in GoLive through 31 December
.stream €2.00 per year in GoLive:
.accountant, .bid, .cricket, .date, .download, .faith, .loan, .party,
.racing, .review, .science, .trade, .webcam, .win €2.00 per year through
31 December:
.live, .studio, .video 50% off through 31 December
.online, .press, .website, .site, .host, .space, .pw, .tech on promo through 31 December:
.tech, .online, .site renewals 50% off through 31 December:
.xyz €3.99 per year through December 31:
.black, .blue, .pink, .red, .lgbt, .kim, .shiksha, .poker, .pro, .info, .mobi, .移动 50% off until 31 December (previously 30 June):
.gdn €1.50 until until 31 December:

With plenty out there to distract this month, we wouldn't be surprised if you missed a few of the things we talked about above. We hope you've caught up now. But did we miss something? Or maybe you just miss us and need someone to talk to. Either way, tweet us @gandibar, email us at, on Facebook, G+, or contact us on the #gandi channel on Freenode. \o/


Gandi, ICANN and you enter the next phase

This month, we're busy getting ready. Change is in the air and everything is slowly shifting into a brand new phase.

On our side, we're getting ready for #gandiv5, the next evolution in our website. We'll touch briefly on that just a few lines below here. Then we'll quickly look at this month's recently-delegated TLDs before taking an in-depth look at the ICANN IANA transition that took place, amongst some controversy, on the first of this month.

As always, we'll review this month's TLD release calendar so that you can prepare for the coming TLD releases and do our monthly promo roundup. You might want you brace yourself for the .net promo. It's a big one.

Other than that, we're busy preparing. Now, about that #gandiv5 thing we mentioned…

1. #gandiV5
We're currently on version 4 of our website, but we are rapidly hurdling towards the beta of version 5, which today we're christening with the hashtag #gandiv5. We're not quite ready to unveil anything yet, but here's a sneak peak of what you can look forward to:
  • New account dashboard
  • Multi-organization management under a single account
  • Redesigned DNS service
  • AI-enhanced domain search
  • Mobile-friendly responsive design

Stay tuned of course for more news and updates with #gandiv5
2. Recently-delegated TLDs
While we're busy with #gandiv5, ICANN seems preoccupied too. Only seven TLDs were delegated this past month and only two of those weren't brand TLDs.
Get a quick summary of those new TLDs:

3. About that IANA transition ...
What could have been preoccupying ICANN this past month? Maybe it has something to do with the much-debated IANA transition, when ICANN's contract to manage the IANA function expired and this authority devolved back to ICANN.

De facto, IANA functions have been independent of the US government since ICANN's inception. But now that's officially the case. We reviewed the how and the why this month.

See for yourself here:

4. TLD Release Calendar
Just three TLDs will be or have already been released this month.
Thursday 6 October:
  • .cam (Sunrise)
Wednesday 26 October:
  • .doctor (Landrush)
Thursday 27 October:
  • .网站 (.xn--5tzm5g «website») (Landrush)

6. Promo Roundup
There are plenty of promos currently ongoing, many ending the end of the year, but a couple in particular that we wanted to point out. Both .moe and .net are on promotion for a limited amount of time this week. And .net is especially juicy: it will be just €2.00 for the next three days.

Here's the full roundup:
Starting 1 October:
Starting 10 October:
Starting 11 October:
Starting 15 October:
  • .whoswho half-price through 31 January
Ending 31 October:

Ongoing promotions:
Premium .online, .press, .store, .tech, .website on sale
  • .link €4.00 through 30 November
  • .photo €4.50 through 30 November
  • .audio, .hiphop, .guitars €6.95, €9.87, and €12.48 through 30 November
  • .store €7.99 per year in GoLive through 31 December
  • .stream €2.00 per year in GoLive
  • .me €9.60 through 31 December
  • .accountant, .bid, .cricket, .date, .download, .faith, .loan, .party,
  • .racing, .review, .science, .trade, .webcam, .win €2.00 per year through
31 December
  • .live, .studio, .video 50% off through 31 December
  • .online, .press, .website, .site, .host, .space, .pw, .tech on promo
  • through 31 December
  • .tech, .online, .site renewals 50% off through 31 December
  • .xyz €3.99 per year through 31 December
  • .black, .blue, .pink, .red, .lgbt, .kim, .shiksha, .poker, .pro, .info,
  • .mobi, .移动 50% off until 31 December (previously 30 June)
  • .gdn €1.50 until until 31 December

Things are changing, it's not just us. Thanks for choosing Gandi, we're glad to have you on board. And stay aboard for #gandiv5. We'll have more to show you soon… In the meantime, tweet us @gandibar, email us at, on Facebook, G+, or contact us on the #gandi channel on Freenode. \o/


In December, get a .TOP for half a euro, and learn about Premium names

Life keeps coursing on endlessly in the interminable stream of time, seasons come and go and blur together as they come to more and more resemble each other not in just what we are doing but in how they look. And that last part is not such a good bit of news. Where's the snow? That should have been one of the questions asked at COP21 in Paris. To save the planet we're all doing our parts, however small. This month, we are proud to present you this newsletter printed on recycled electrons (in a chemical sense), containing 0% heavy metals, 30% natural blood, sweat and tears and just a whole bundle of promotions on domain names. All to bring you as much information we have arbitrarily deemed useful to you, dear Gandi users: we decided this month to take the opportunity to give you some extra information on premium domains, recently approved TLDs, a reminder about .net prices going up, the new gTLD release calendar for December and of course the moment you've all been waiting for, our promo roundup for December. The year is ending and so are a lot of promos, so read carefully.

1. What's a Premium Domain?
«Premium,» we all know, is one of those words people use to make «expensive» sound better. You may have also come across this term or at least the concept in the realm of domain names too. Essentially, regstries reserve the right to charge more than is standard for certain domain names they have deemed to be especially high-value of high-demand. You see, when they started releasing new gTLDs, registries learned from the wild gold rush days of domain name speculators that cool domain names can be sold for much higher than your run-of-the-mill domain name. So many registries of new gTLDs, both to try to restrict the inevitable panic of the rush on these highly desirable domain names as well as to make their pricing more responsive to demand, sat down and thought of what they expected to be the highest demand domains in their TLD and priced them differently for resale to registrars like us. So that's why when you try to register a cool domain name in a hot new TLD you might get a little sticker shock when you proceed to checkout. But don't get too down about it. Look at it this way: your domain name will be even cooler if you can think of one nobody thought to make premium.

2. Recently Approved TLDs
A quick look at recently added strings on ICANN's list of strings recently added to the root (see reveals, first of all, a lot of Brand TLDs. Putting aside those TLDs, two stuck out in particular: .med and .insurance. Medistry LLC, which is the parent of the Cleveland Clinic, an actual hospital in Cleveland, won out in its application against Google. As for, .insurance, it was fTLD, the joint project between American Bankers Association and the technology policy arm of the Financial Services Roundtable (BITS) who beat out Donuts, whose application was withdrawn to do an objection filed by none other than the Financial Services Roundtable. So it looks like lately it's been wins for the professions your mother always wanted you to go into.

3. Reminder: .net prices go up in February
Just a quick reminder to owners of .net domains, or those who may be thinking about bringing a .net into their lives soon, that there will be a small rise in .net prices starting February 1, 2016. So once again, we'd just like to encourage all of you looking to keep your .net domains for at least one more year to renew them before that magic date of February 1 rolls around. You can renew your domains for up to ten years so if you want to take most advantage of current prices, renew up to that limit and you'll be set for a decade.

4. New gTLD release Calendar for December
Here is this month's calendar of new gTLDs coming out this month:

Wednesday December 9:
.auto (Sunrise)
.car (Sunrise)
.cars (Sunrise)
.xn--tckwe (.com in Japanese) (Sunrise)

Monday December 14:
.theatre (Sunrise)

Thursday December 17:
.protection (Sunrise)
.security (Sunrise)

5. December Promo Roundup
It's your last chance for a lot of promos we've been running for a while now.
Here's a roundup of promos in the month of December:

Until December 31, .TOP costs less than a post stamp, and you'll be able to send much more than one letter, as every domain includes 5 mailboxes and 1000 forwarding addresses:

Get a .club for half the price until December 31, that's only 5,16€ for one year!

.io or .tech? You don't have to chose between these 2 tech savvy TLDs: if you buy a .io domain name, you will get a coupon to register a .tech for free. Be quick, it ends on December 25:

Our funniest promo is ending on December 31, last days to get a .lol for 3,45€:

Make it personal with a .me domain, and do it quick as promo's ending soon (9,60€ instead of 16,00€):

Promo on .irish is also ending on December 31, hurry up and get yours at only 14,00€:

Ending January 15, .press and .host are on sale at 20,00€ and 18,00€ (instead of 69,20€ and 91,04€):

.news and .eu promos are ending on December 31:

While .cm continues until the end of January:

Also, as Christmas is just around the corner, some flash sales might peep out. We suggest you keep an eye on our promo page to be sure not to miss them:

Well that's all for this month. We hope it's been interesting? Exciting? Educational? Everything you've ever wanted? Let us know, you can reach us at:
  • Twitter [],
  • Facebook [],
  • Google+ []
  • and on the #gandi channel on Freenode. \o/

All the best, The Gandi Team

This month, we adjust some prices to the USD, many new promos are under way

  • 1. Price increase on 43 extensions
  • 2. New phase on 1- and 2-character .FR domains
  • 3. Private networks on our Cloud infrastructure
  • 4. February new gTLD Release Calendar
  • 5. Many promos on the new extensions
  • 6. Promo round-up

This year is starting out hard for European companies that purchase
their «primary material» in US Dollars. Due to its historic high with
regard to the Euro, our profit margin is being eroded, and we find
ourselves selling some extensions at a loss in certain price rates.
French law and common sense therefore require that we take action with
regard to this exceptional situation; this unfortunately means that we
need to raise the price of 43 extensions (out of the 572 that we sell).
Simultaneously, however, we are able to have promos on other extensions,
and even if it is not much of a consolation, some of you will find some
excellent opportunities among the 15 new promos this month.
We will also discuss the upcoming phase for 1- and 2-charactar .FR
domains: the «Landrush», with a digressive price system.
With regards to hosting, we will mention changes made since the
launching last year of our private Cloud-based virtual network.
Finally, you will discover the nGTLD release schedule and a reminder of
promos under way.

1. Price increase on 43 extensions
This is always a difficult announcement for us, and never pleasant for
our customers we know. Nevertheless, not acting today with regard to
the imponderables of the financial market will put ourselves in a
delicate position in a couple of months, something that we want to
avoid. It is therefore 43 extensions (including 9 that are reserved to
corporate customers) that will have their price increased. For more
information on this, please see our news article at:

2. New phase on 1- and 2-character .FR domains
If you have followed .FR domain news, and notably the upcoming opening
of more than 3000 1-and 2-character .FR domains (on March 17th, at 15:00
CET), you are certainly aware that there is an upcoming «Landrush»
phase. This phase starts on February 16th at 15:00 CET and ends upon the
general opening on March 17. The particularity of this Landrush is that
it is composed of a price system that is staggered out over 4 weeks (one
set price per week), that digresses until the opening. You can expect to
spend 18,300 (excl. VAT) to purchase one of these domains during the
first week, or wait until the last week for the more affordable price of
190 (excl. VAT) if it is still available…
For more information on this phase, as well as rates, please see:

3. Private networks on our Cloud infrastructure
Our private VLAN system has recently been improved, notably with regard
to the simplification of usage: by adding the possibility of
automatically configuring your servers on it, by either going through
the admin interface, or by command line (Gandi CLI). Everything is
explained here, including two tutorials for you:

4. February new gTLD Release Calendar
Here's our calendar of expected domain releases this month. As usual,
things can change depending on what information the registries provide
us with, but here is what we have at present:

Tuesday 10:
.casa (general opening)
.lgbt (general opening)
.work (general opening)

Wednesday 11:
.energy (general opening)
.delivery (general opening)

Tuesday 17:
.vote (general opening)
.voto (general opening)
.yoga (general opening)

Wednesday 18:
.fit (Sunrise)
.sydney (general opening)

Tuesday 24:
.sale (Sunrise)
.video (Sunrise)

5. Many promos on the new extensions
Even if it does not necessarily compensate for a rise in rates, it would
be a pity to forgo a few attractive promos this month:

.CM domains are having a promo for 1-year creations, with a low price of
20 excl. VAT instead of 75 excl. VAT until March 31st. You can also
benefit from a promo concerning renewals of domains in this extension,
which are going from 75 excl. VAT to 40 excl. VAT until February 28th.

The Indian registry, Radix, is letting us provide you with some great
promos on its popular extensions this month, with:

.WEBSITE for 1-year creations, at 3.50 instead of 22.09 through April

.PRESS at 27 excl. VAT instead of 69.20 for every 1-year domain name
creation, through February 28.

.HOST at 29.17 excl. VAT for one year, instead of 91.04 excl. VAT

Rightside, a registry that was born with the new extensions, is letting
us have a reduction of 25% off the price of new 1-year creations for 11
of their extensions: .ACTOR, .AUCTION, .CONSULTING, .DANCE, .HAUS,
.REVIEWS, .SOCIAL. This promo is valid until the end of june. For more
information and prices see

6. Promo round-up
Here is a reminder of domain name promos currently under way:

Asia takes centre stage for the first half of 2015 thanks to a promo of
50% off .ASIA and .IN until July 1st, with creations for .ASIA at 9
excl. VAT instead of 18, and .IN at 6.25 excl. VAT instead of 12.50
excl. VAT, under A rates.

.COUNTRY is also having a promo until the end of May, with a price of
6.99 excl. VAT per year versus the usual 27.94

.ME will be on promotion until April, with -40% for all creations for
one year. This means .ME at 9.60 instead of 16.00 under A rates.

The .CLUB is giving us an incredible promo, until the end of the year
2015, with 8.26 excl. VAT for every 1-year creation instead of 10.33
under A rates.

Finally, and as usual, please feel free to give us your feedback at

Nicolas Lhuillery
Gandi SAS