This month, we adjust some prices to the USD, many new promos are under way

  • 1. Price increase on 43 extensions
  • 2. New phase on 1- and 2-character .FR domains
  • 3. Private networks on our Cloud infrastructure
  • 4. February new gTLD Release Calendar
  • 5. Many promos on the new extensions
  • 6. Promo round-up

This year is starting out hard for European companies that purchase
their «primary material» in US Dollars. Due to its historic high with
regard to the Euro, our profit margin is being eroded, and we find
ourselves selling some extensions at a loss in certain price rates.
French law and common sense therefore require that we take action with
regard to this exceptional situation; this unfortunately means that we
need to raise the price of 43 extensions (out of the 572 that we sell).
Simultaneously, however, we are able to have promos on other extensions,
and even if it is not much of a consolation, some of you will find some
excellent opportunities among the 15 new promos this month.
We will also discuss the upcoming phase for 1- and 2-charactar .FR
domains: the «Landrush», with a digressive price system.
With regards to hosting, we will mention changes made since the
launching last year of our private Cloud-based virtual network.
Finally, you will discover the nGTLD release schedule and a reminder of
promos under way.

1. Price increase on 43 extensions
This is always a difficult announcement for us, and never pleasant for
our customers we know. Nevertheless, not acting today with regard to
the imponderables of the financial market will put ourselves in a
delicate position in a couple of months, something that we want to
avoid. It is therefore 43 extensions (including 9 that are reserved to
corporate customers) that will have their price increased. For more
information on this, please see our news article at:

2. New phase on 1- and 2-character .FR domains
If you have followed .FR domain news, and notably the upcoming opening
of more than 3000 1-and 2-character .FR domains (on March 17th, at 15:00
CET), you are certainly aware that there is an upcoming «Landrush»
phase. This phase starts on February 16th at 15:00 CET and ends upon the
general opening on March 17. The particularity of this Landrush is that
it is composed of a price system that is staggered out over 4 weeks (one
set price per week), that digresses until the opening. You can expect to
spend 18,300 (excl. VAT) to purchase one of these domains during the
first week, or wait until the last week for the more affordable price of
190 (excl. VAT) if it is still available…
For more information on this phase, as well as rates, please see:

3. Private networks on our Cloud infrastructure
Our private VLAN system has recently been improved, notably with regard
to the simplification of usage: by adding the possibility of
automatically configuring your servers on it, by either going through
the admin interface, or by command line (Gandi CLI). Everything is
explained here, including two tutorials for you:

4. February new gTLD Release Calendar
Here's our calendar of expected domain releases this month. As usual,
things can change depending on what information the registries provide
us with, but here is what we have at present:

Tuesday 10:
.casa (general opening)
.lgbt (general opening)
.work (general opening)

Wednesday 11:
.energy (general opening)
.delivery (general opening)

Tuesday 17:
.vote (general opening)
.voto (general opening)
.yoga (general opening)

Wednesday 18:
.fit (Sunrise)
.sydney (general opening)

Tuesday 24:
.sale (Sunrise)
.video (Sunrise)

5. Many promos on the new extensions
Even if it does not necessarily compensate for a rise in rates, it would
be a pity to forgo a few attractive promos this month:

.CM domains are having a promo for 1-year creations, with a low price of
20 excl. VAT instead of 75 excl. VAT until March 31st. You can also
benefit from a promo concerning renewals of domains in this extension,
which are going from 75 excl. VAT to 40 excl. VAT until February 28th.

The Indian registry, Radix, is letting us provide you with some great
promos on its popular extensions this month, with:

.WEBSITE for 1-year creations, at 3.50 instead of 22.09 through April

.PRESS at 27 excl. VAT instead of 69.20 for every 1-year domain name
creation, through February 28.

.HOST at 29.17 excl. VAT for one year, instead of 91.04 excl. VAT

Rightside, a registry that was born with the new extensions, is letting
us have a reduction of 25% off the price of new 1-year creations for 11
of their extensions: .ACTOR, .AUCTION, .CONSULTING, .DANCE, .HAUS,
.REVIEWS, .SOCIAL. This promo is valid until the end of june. For more
information and prices see

6. Promo round-up
Here is a reminder of domain name promos currently under way:

Asia takes centre stage for the first half of 2015 thanks to a promo of
50% off .ASIA and .IN until July 1st, with creations for .ASIA at 9
excl. VAT instead of 18, and .IN at 6.25 excl. VAT instead of 12.50
excl. VAT, under A rates.

.COUNTRY is also having a promo until the end of May, with a price of
6.99 excl. VAT per year versus the usual 27.94

.ME will be on promotion until April, with -40% for all creations for
one year. This means .ME at 9.60 instead of 16.00 under A rates.

The .CLUB is giving us an incredible promo, until the end of the year
2015, with 8.26 excl. VAT for every 1-year creation instead of 10.33
under A rates.

Finally, and as usual, please feel free to give us your feedback at

Nicolas Lhuillery
Gandi SAS

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