Gandi, ICANN and you enter the next phase

This month, we're busy getting ready. Change is in the air and everything is slowly shifting into a brand new phase.

On our side, we're getting ready for #gandiv5, the next evolution in our website. We'll touch briefly on that just a few lines below here. Then we'll quickly look at this month's recently-delegated TLDs before taking an in-depth look at the ICANN IANA transition that took place, amongst some controversy, on the first of this month.

As always, we'll review this month's TLD release calendar so that you can prepare for the coming TLD releases and do our monthly promo roundup. You might want you brace yourself for the .net promo. It's a big one.

Other than that, we're busy preparing. Now, about that #gandiv5 thing we mentioned…

1. #gandiV5
We're currently on version 4 of our website, but we are rapidly hurdling towards the beta of version 5, which today we're christening with the hashtag #gandiv5. We're not quite ready to unveil anything yet, but here's a sneak peak of what you can look forward to:
  • New account dashboard
  • Multi-organization management under a single account
  • Redesigned DNS service
  • AI-enhanced domain search
  • Mobile-friendly responsive design

Stay tuned of course for more news and updates with #gandiv5
2. Recently-delegated TLDs
While we're busy with #gandiv5, ICANN seems preoccupied too. Only seven TLDs were delegated this past month and only two of those weren't brand TLDs.
Get a quick summary of those new TLDs:

3. About that IANA transition ...
What could have been preoccupying ICANN this past month? Maybe it has something to do with the much-debated IANA transition, when ICANN's contract to manage the IANA function expired and this authority devolved back to ICANN.

De facto, IANA functions have been independent of the US government since ICANN's inception. But now that's officially the case. We reviewed the how and the why this month.

See for yourself here:

4. TLD Release Calendar
Just three TLDs will be or have already been released this month.
Thursday 6 October:
  • .cam (Sunrise)
Wednesday 26 October:
  • .doctor (Landrush)
Thursday 27 October:
  • .网站 (.xn--5tzm5g «website») (Landrush)

6. Promo Roundup
There are plenty of promos currently ongoing, many ending the end of the year, but a couple in particular that we wanted to point out. Both .moe and .net are on promotion for a limited amount of time this week. And .net is especially juicy: it will be just €2.00 for the next three days.

Here's the full roundup:
Starting 1 October:
Starting 10 October:
Starting 11 October:
Starting 15 October:
  • .whoswho half-price through 31 January
Ending 31 October:

Ongoing promotions:
Premium .online, .press, .store, .tech, .website on sale
  • .link €4.00 through 30 November
  • .photo €4.50 through 30 November
  • .audio, .hiphop, .guitars €6.95, €9.87, and €12.48 through 30 November
  • .store €7.99 per year in GoLive through 31 December
  • .stream €2.00 per year in GoLive
  • .me €9.60 through 31 December
  • .accountant, .bid, .cricket, .date, .download, .faith, .loan, .party,
  • .racing, .review, .science, .trade, .webcam, .win €2.00 per year through
31 December
  • .live, .studio, .video 50% off through 31 December
  • .online, .press, .website, .site, .host, .space, .pw, .tech on promo
  • through 31 December
  • .tech, .online, .site renewals 50% off through 31 December
  • .xyz €3.99 per year through 31 December
  • .black, .blue, .pink, .red, .lgbt, .kim, .shiksha, .poker, .pro, .info,
  • .mobi, .移动 50% off until 31 December (previously 30 June)
  • .gdn €1.50 until until 31 December

Things are changing, it's not just us. Thanks for choosing Gandi, we're glad to have you on board. And stay aboard for #gandiv5. We'll have more to show you soon… In the meantime, tweet us @gandibar, email us at, on Facebook, G+, or contact us on the #gandi channel on Freenode. \o/

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