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Newsletter September 2018

1. Gandi Events happening this month
This month is globally a busy one for Gandi. We'll be participating in, sponsoring, and even hosting several events in several different cities:
First, PyConJP, the conference for discussion and promotion of the Python programming language, is taking place in Tokyo from September 15 through September 18:
Then, on September 27 in San Francisco, Gandi is excited to be co-sponsoring the EFF Pioneer Awards:
From September 26 through September 28, Kernel Recipes, THE conference dedicated to the Linux kernel will be bringing together 100 of the most devoted Linux fans in Paris (unfortunately, if you haven't signed up yet, registration is already closed):
Finally, from October 4 through October 6, is ParisWeb, a conference for French-speaking folks who make the web. Registration is open! (Early bird registration ends September 19:

2. Two new TLDs not to miss
The .sport and .page TLDs are now open! These two TLDs were launched on September 4 and August 27 respectively, and are for now available for priority registration.
That means, you can register your .sport and .page domains ahead of time and when they enter the GoLive phase we’ll send your order to the registry.
More about .sport:
More about .page:

3. Simple Hosting S+SSL for the price of S
All month, secure your sites hosted on a Simple Hosting instance with an SSL certificate for the price of just the hosting.
Find out more in this article:

4. How to manage your domain online
In this instalment of our Domain Name Guide, we discuss how a registrar’s web portal is your one stop shop for all of them. Here’s how to use a registrar’s web portal effectively.
Find out more in this edition of our Domain Name Guide:

5. Promo Roundup!
Get your .app for 35% off this September, your .shop for $3 (USD) until November 1, your .cat for $6 (USD) until October 15, and your .global for 90% off. And how can you keep track of all these promos when we're not rounding them up? Check out the promos page on our site:

Newsletter August 2018

1. Better spam protection in Gandi Mail
We recently deployed a new anti-spam service on our mail servers. Both more efficient and more responsive in the face of spam, viruses, phishing, and other menaces, this new tool will also help you optimise your email management, thanks to more detailed and specific error messages and the addition of category metadata.
Read more:

2. Fun with Sieve rules
Sieve is the mail filtering language you can use to filter the email you receive with your Gandi Mail account. This month we published some examples of how you might use it.
Read the examples on our blog:

3. New reseller platform is now open in beta
After teasing it for months, we released our new reseller platform in beta this month.
Find out more in our blog post:

4. Our website is now available in Japanese
Gandi's website is now available in Japanese!
Check out the details here:

5. UX Team update
Our UI/UX team is hard at work behind the scenes to improve the tools we provide you with to manage your domains, hosting, and other services. They smooth out the points of friction in the interface, add new features, basically work on all aspects of user experience.

You’ve probably noticed they’ve been especially busy lately, rolling out not just the new reseller platform mentioned above, but also the new search filters and the ability to make selections of multiple services for the purposes of performing certain mass actions on them. The DNS interface has also been improved and the payment confirmation page completely rebuilt. And we want to hear what you think about them! Let them know by emailing feedback@gandi.net.

Other improvements are coming in the next few weeks, and we’ll be happy to tell you about it in next month’s newsletter.

6. New TLD releases
Following .charity entering the Sunrise phase on 10 July, .llc went into the GoLive phase on 23 July, and .page is all but ready to enter the Sunrise phase on 27 August. Stay tuned for more!
Find your .charity, now in Sunrise:
GoLive for .llc domains:

7. Promo roundup
A .cat for a year at half price or a .tech for a year for a tenth of the
normal price! The promos haven’t stopped this summer either.
Check them out on our Promos page:

DNSSEC in 1-click, Private registration, Cybersquatting: hot topics in July's newsletter

1. Прогнозируемый Киберсквоттинг, растущая тенденция
Вы знали о том, что есть те, кто внимательно следить за регистрация товарных знаков, с тем, чтобы захватить вверх соответствующий домен Имена перед владельцем товарного знака? Узнайте больше в нашем блоге о досрочном Киберсквоттинге:

2. Как зарегистрировать домен поделится миллион раз
Доменное имя не только ряд цифр и букв, вы только когда-либо типа. Вы будете более чем вероятно, придется записать его, распечатать это, говорит это, каракули его, и в противном случае разделить его на миллион разных пути. Не забудьте думать обо всех этих различных способов вы будете обмена ваш домен, когда вы выбираете один:

3. Изменения в вотчину регистрации Gandi
С Положением Европейского союза новый Общие данные защиты (GDPR) в сущности, сервис Gandi в «Частной регистрации домена» меняется. В то время как частная регистрация теперь активируются УСПЕШНЫМ, теперь можно отключить его от панели управления. Мы объясняем, как в нашем
статьи по теме:

4. DNSSEC в один клик
На Gandi v5, теперь вы можете автоматически активировать DNSSEC по именам доменов.
Узнайте больше о нашей недавней статье об активации DNSSEC в один клик.

5. Присоединяйтесь к команде Gandi!
Наши команды Парижа и Тайбэе нанимают! Если вы хотите присоединиться к команде, узнать больше здесь:

6. Промо сводка новостей
И, наконец, не забудьте взглянуть на наших акциях, с некоторыми хорошая ДВА поступит в продаже в июле этого года: .CLUB, .LONDON, .bar и многом другом!

In June, double dose of good news

1. Deployment of Gandi Cloud on #gandiv5
2. HTTP/2 on Simple Hosting
3. Gandi V5 for Resellers now in Beta
4. New TLD releases: .app, .icu, and .llc
5. Promo Roundup

1. Deployment of Gandi Cloud on #gandiv5
If you've been waiting for Gandi Cloud products to be supported on our new site, get ready: we've started deploying the necessary features to support this service. For more information, check out this article: news.gandi.net/en/2018/05/gandi-cloud-available-on-gandiv5/

2. HTTP/2 on Simple Hosting
We also recently deployed some updates to our Simple Hosting service, including support for HTTP/2, TLS1.3, and new caching features, all of which promise to improve performance on your websites. Read all about it in our article about the recent update to our Web Accelerator: news.gandi.net/en/2018/05/your-simple-hosting-sites-just-got-faster/

3. Gandi V5 for Resellers now in Beta
Another long-awaited piece of news, we've recently launched the first tests of the #gandiv5 interface for resellers, thanks to the many numerous feautres deployed progressively since the initial launch of our new platform. Speaking of which, we're currently looking for resellers willing to beta test some soon-to-be-released features. If you're interested, fill out this form with your Gandi reseller handle: help.gandi.net/en/contact/feedback/feedback-gandiv5

4. New TLD releases: .app, .icu, and .llc
It's been a bit quiet when it comes to TLD releases lately, but in this past month, we saw three new TLDs released:
— The TLD for everything app-releated, .app entered the GoLive phase on May 8. When it first opened for registration, .app surpassed 100,000 registrations in barely 24 hours: news.gandi.net/en/2018/05/new-tld-app-makes-a-grand-entrance/
— The I-see-you TLD, .icu, also entered the GoLive phase this month, on May 29. Not only that, but the first year of your .icu domain is just €2.50: news.gandi.net/en/2018/06/on-promotion-and-in-golive-icu/
— And .llc entered the Sunrise phase on June 5. You can already submit your registration for the other two phases and we'll send it when it enters the phase of your choice: news.gandi.net/en/2018/06/register-your-llc/

5. Promo roundup
And to round things off, here's a roundup of promos running this month:
— First year half price on .ist and .istanbul Get your .ist or .istanbul for half price until the end of the year: news.gandi.net/en/2018/06/first-year-half-price-on-ist-and-istanbul/
— Shop for a .shop for the summer You can get your .shop domain for just €2.99 for the first year from June 1 through June 30, 2018: news.gandi.net/en/2018/06/shop-for-a-shop-for-the-summer/

Newsletter April 2018

1. Apply for your .app, now in Sunrise
Pre-registration of .app domains in all phases is open!
At long last, .app is being rolled out in the Sunrise phase. Domains can be registered during the Sunrise phase – from March 29 through May 1, 2018 – if you have a trademark registered with the TMCH or you can pre-register your .app domain for the upcoming GoLive phase, opening May 8.
Read more:

2. Gandi Corporate News
Following changes made by the registry DotIE, there are now new rules for registering .ie domains:
We’re here to help with using your domain name in China:
A little promo until May 16 for the .boats launch this spring:

Read more Gandi Corporate news:

3. Gandi featured on Yubico blog
After implementing Univeral Two-Factor on Gandi v5 late last year, we’ve been featured in Yubico’s blog. Yubico is a leading provider of U2F keys. Securing your Gandi account with U2F keeps your domains safe and if you use a physical key like YubiKey, you won’t have to reset your two-factor authentication when you lose your phone.
Read about it here:

4. The Pocketbook guide to domain names
A couple new entries in our ongoing Pocketbook guide to domain names series have provided the basics in how to choose a domain with good SEO and how to delegate management rights to a technical expert:

5. Promo roundup
We rounded ourselves up a helping of promos this month. Have a look-see:

Spring .shop sale: news.gandi.net/en/2018/04/spring-shop-sale/
Get a .shop this April for just €3.00 for the first year!

Donuts promo extended:
The sale on 16 Donuts TLDs previously ending April 1 has been extended through June 30!

This April, .club domains are €0.99:
Get a .club domain for less than a Euro for the first year.

It’s .me for you: on sale through June:
From .me to you: .me domains are on sale for €3.00 for the first year through June.

As always, you can find all currently running promos on the “Promotions” page of the Gandi News site:

Взгляд назад в 2017 году

Там у вас есть это — 2017. Чуть меньше года назад мы объявили что 2017 год должен был быть большой год для нас, и это предсказание оказалось чтобы быть правдой. Начиная с января, # gandiv5 постепенно прокатки в качестве веб-сайта по умолчанию в новых странах и улучшение по пути. Но мы не будем врать — 2017 также был тяжелый год.

Мотивировано тем, что мы бы помирились и фиксированной v4 примерно столько, сколько он может принять, мы приняли решение в 2016 году построить новую платформу земля до: современная, эффективная платформа, которая лучше отвечает потребностям наши нынешние и будущие клиенты, прямо и косвенно.

Для лучшего или к худшему, острота на рынке привела нас к переосмыслить и заново большую часть нашего бизнеса, не теряя уверенности наших клиентов, все время пытаясь сохранить качество услуг и модернизация базовой инфраструктуры развернет на три материки.

Мы знали, что будет достаточно перчатку, чтобы бежать, и мы были бы нечестно говорят, что мы не пришли от него полностью unbruised: мы потеряли хорошие сотрудники, которые доказали трудно заменить, разочаровали некоторые наши любимые клиенты с очевидной неспособностью реагировать достаточно быстро реагировать на их конкретные потребности.

И в то время как мы теперь знаем, что самые тяжелые дни позади нас, мы знаем, что наша работа еще не завершена, если gandiv5, чтобы жить до наших ожидания и ваши. Наше решение о развертывании минимально жизнеспособный продукт, который на первых встретил только самые основные потребности, с постоянно совершенствование, боевые испытания UX и все большее число функций и услуги постепенно мигает на протяжении месяцев не был один, который был
всегда понимали, и это вызвало много трудностей и разочарований, даже в пределах Gandi.

Но мы, тем не менее гордимся тем, что видели наше глобальное повышение команды к
вызов и помочь очистить путь для плавного перехода в новую эпохи. Будь то в Париже, Люксембурге, Тайбэе, или Сан-Франциско, весь Команда Gandi прыгнул в действие, каждый по-своему. И в этом процессе наши команды сотрудничали, адаптированные и помогали друг другу больше, чем когда-либо, так что мы можем продолжать предложить Вам уровень сервиса, который вы ожидаете от нас.

Наша команда поддержки клиентов, в частности, было особенно облагаться налогом в течение
за последние несколько месяцев и, тем не менее уверен, примерный уровень услуги с учетом обстоятельств, и продолжали оставаться эффективным, хорошо смазанная машина, несмотря на трудности.

Наши технические группы навели нас через изменения в центрах обработки данных и тому
создание новой инфраструктуры, все при сведении к минимуму простоев и поддержание согласованных уровней производительности и наши команды Dev находятся в Процесс развертывания нового интерфейса, который исправляет многочисленные задачи на текущий # gandiv5 интерфейс, который мы сейчас слишком знаком с. И на этой ноте, мы должны поблагодарить вас за ваши отзывы, которое укрепило нашу решимость, когда положительный, и пересмотреть наши
подход, когда нет.

2017 год был жестким, то, и вы, вероятно, заметили, как много уже. То, что мы хотели бы вам, чтобы забрать из этого, однако, является то, что мы рисуется много смысловых идеи из опыта, который мы будем использовать для привода нас вперед в 2018 году, когда мы задались целью усовершенствовать новый интерфейс.

В то же время, мы наняли — и найма — передний и задний конец разработчиков, поддержка агентов и OPS и мы конкретизированы и реорганизована наша управленческая команда для того, чтобы гарантировать, что все наши команды в первоклассной форме и так, что мы можем по-прежнему заслуживают доверия
Вы дали нам в течение последних 17 лет.

В настоящее время, сохраняя проверки этого пространства, а также другие наши связи каналы! Мы будем посылать и размещая обновления на том, что мы до года проблемы мы сталкиваемся, а также новые технические решения, которые мы развертывается, и мы будем приносить вам периодические обновления от наших команд окопы, так сказать, как хорошо. Оставайтесь с нами, а когда мы
объявляют знакомьтесь взлеты, которые должны прийти, когда мы будем иметь возможность встретиться лицом к лицу над кружкой или соды или любой ваш напиток выбора.

В заключении, благодарим вас за ваши постоянные доверия в этом году. С новым годом!
Прочитайте этот бюллетень онлайн здесь:

The drum beat of change

1. New language and database combinations
Our first improvement to report this month is the addition of new language and database options on Simple Hosting, bringing the total number of programming language and database version combinations up to eighteen.

Start thinking about how you can mix and match these combinations:

2. U2F now available on #gandiV5
Four years ago we introduced a relatively new security standard, two-factor authentication (2FA), to our account security options. On the anniversary of our announcement of this new feature, we introduced the next evolution: universal two factor (U2F).

The U2F standard has simplified and strengthened 2FA. On #gandiv5, you now can use your U2F key to authenticate your session.

Learn how you can better secure your account with U2F:

3. SSL and SEO
Ahh SSL and SEO. Having the former can improve the latter. This month we looked at how to get SSL on your Simple Hosting now for free when you upgrade to the S+SSL instance size.

Find out how to improve your SEO with SSL on Simple Hosting:

4. Update on #gandiv5 for resellers
While the tempo of that drumbeat of progress towards #gandiv5 completion is indeed picking up pace, we had thought that our resellers and corporate customers would be able to start migrating to v5 this October but unfortunately, the site is not yet ready for these customers.

Get the full update about #gandiv5 for resellers:

5. Rightside and Donuts DPML program merged
Following the acquisition of the Rightside registry by Donuts on 28 July, Donuts's DPML service is expanding to include Rightside domains. The two programmes are effectively being merged.

Find out the details about this change:

Or read more corporate news:

6. Social media at Gandi
We just passed 10,000 followers on our French-language Twitter handle @gandi_net this month. We took this as an opportunity to tell you how we do social media at Gandi.

Follow the daily cycle of our social media coverage:

7. Promo Roundup
Finally, as with every month, we have a fresh crop of new TLD promotions to round up. As we round out the last few months of 2017, the pace of promotions has cranked up too.

Here's a look at promos starting in October:
Your friendly neighbourhood .shop is €10.00 this fall:

Get Australian domains .melbourne or .sydney for 10 years for the price of one this October:

What's more tubular than a .tube domains at 50% off through 31 October:

Get a News-related TLD from now until 31 December: €4.40 for .live, €8.80 for .news, and €1.80 for .today:

Six months to fall in love with .london—80% off until 31 March:

Get .tickets from now until 31 December, 2017 for just €39.99:

Listen to your inner voice and get a .me for €2.00 for the first year:

Eight real estate TLDs you don't need a mortgage to buy on promotion until 31 December:

Cool domains like .cool, .guru, .ninja, .rocks and .zone are on salefrom now until 31 December:

Creative TLDs .photography, .video, .digital, and .media are on sale through the end of the year:

Midterm sale on .study and .courses:

Get your .org domain for the first year at 25% off through 15 January:

Harvest your own .wine or .vin this season until 31 December:

All about .life and the .world, €1.80 for the first year:

Some Business class domains—.company, .consulting, .email, .expert, and
.solutions—are on sale:

And ongoing promos:
Long-range forecast: .cloud-y skies through June 2018, at €9.00 per

Get your professional website a .pw domain for €0.50 through the end of
the year:

It’s a festival of Radix domain creations and renewals, including promos
on .tech, .online:

For the rest of the year, .asia is 70% off:

Stay on .top with a renewal promo by the end of the year for just €1.50:

Get a .info from now until the end of 2017 for €5.00 for the first year:

Going .pro will cost €8.00 for the first year until December, 2017:

Be sure to check the Promotions tag on our news site for updates:

Picking up steam in September

1. #gandiV5: Coming soon
Gandi V5 is, of course, still a work in progress. We still have to get a couple more features ported over to the new platform and while the features on the new platform are in place, there's still some minor tweaks we'd like to make on the interface and site design.
That said, as we're putting these last pieces into place, we're getting closer and closer to completion.
See what's left to roll out and when to expect it: news.gandi.net/en/2017/08/gandiv5-ready-for-takeoff/?pk_campaign=nl-201709-en-uk

2. Simple Hosting S+ now available
One of those pieces we'd like to highlight is that our new SSL certificate management interface is now available on Gandi V5.
Along with the introduction of this new interface, we're also introducing a new Simple Hosting instance size: S+. A size S+ instance allows you to install SSL certificates (not available on size S), without having to upgrade to a size M, which often includes more resources than those who manage smaller websites need, and is therefore not as economical.
Find out how you can benefit from these new possibilities: news.gandi.net/en/2017/08/ssl-certificates-on-gandiv5/?pk_campaign=nl-201709-en-uk

3. Closing FR-SD2: a new migration plan
And looking at our objectives for the rest of the year, now that FR-SD3 is up and running and FR-SD5 and FR-SD6 are on their way, in anticipation of closing FR-SD2 later this year, we're suggesting that those hosting on FR-SD2 start the process of migration now.
Since we first communicated about this closure and the required migration, we've made some tweaks to the process, especially some we made by popular demand after hearing your input.
Follow the new migration plan: news.gandi.net/en/2017/08/fr-sd2-closure-and-migration-plan/?pk_campaign=nl-201709-en-uk

4. Gandi Events
At the beginning of this month, Gandi participated in the APNIC 44 conference in Taichung, Taiwan.
APNIC is the Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre, the regional registry for the entire Asia-Pacific region.
Among other things, Gandi attended talks about the Root Zone KSK Rollover and IPv6 and security.
Read all about Gandi's participation: news.gandi.net/en/2017/09/gandi-participates-at-apnic-44-conference/?pk_campaign=nl-201709-en-uk
And coming up at the beginning of next month, from 5 through 7 October, Gandi will be one of the sponsors of the 12th edition of Paris Web. Several of our team members will be attending, so if you plan on going yourselves, let us know! We'd be happy to meet up.
Sign up for or find out more about Paris Web: www.paris-web.fr/

5. TLD release calendar
This month, only one TLD will be, or in this case has been, released:
  • .boston entered the GoLive phase on 15 September.

6. Promo Roundup
And finally it's time for this month's promo roundup! As we mentioned
above, after a bit of a dry spell, we had quite a few promos this month:
.cloud £9.00 until 30 June 2018:
.pw for £0.40 until 31 December:
.im for £5.20 until 30 September:
.wales and .cymru until 30 September:
.club £2.00 until 30 September:
.mx £14.00 until 30 September:
.shop £2.50 until 30 September:

There are plenty of ongoing promos as well:
Radix domain creations and renewals:
.asia 70% off until 31 December:
.org for 2 years at 15% off:
.top £1.50 until 31 December:
.info £4.99 until 31 December:

Donuts TLDs on sale:
.pro 50% off until 31 December: news.gandi.net/en/2017/02/go-pro-this-spring-at-half-price/?pk_campaign=nl-201709-en-uk

Be sure to check the Promotions tag on our news site for updates:

And with that we look forward to the more swiftly-moving months ahead that will propel us into the end of the year, which should bring along with it the completion of the process we launched at the beginning of this year.

Of course, none of this is possible without your input. If you'd like to share your thoughts on our newsletter, feel free to email us at newsletter-en@gandi.net. For all general feedback, email feedback@gandi.net.

You can also reach us on Twitter @gandibar or in the #gandi channel on Freenode. \o/

Sincerely, Gandi.net

August upgrades

Over the course of 2017 we've been slowly re-introducing the new versions of our core services in the new version of our site, #gandiv5, and throughout the process, rethinking our approach. This month marks something of a turning point, though. While some products and features will be deployed on v5 in the weeks and months to come, we've changed gears into full upgrade mode. And this month especially has been packed with upgrades.
This month, we introduced a new and improved Dashboard in v5, overhauled our free Gandi Mail service (and purchasable enhancements) as we introduced it on the new site, took a look at what's to come in the next few months, announced a change in direction regarding virtualisation solutions as we continue to upgrade our datacenter infrastructure, and update our server setup scripts in part to accommodate this infrastructure upgrade as well.

And while no new gTLDs are in the forecast this month, we'll close out as always with the TLD Promo Roundup.

1. #gandiv5 Gets a New Dashboard
One upgrade as of late was the enhancement of #gandiv5 with a new dashboard that makes domain name and hosting management much simpler than the dashboard we initially released.

Most notably, a search bar has been added to search for domains and other products, and an option to display all products has also been added in order to provide more ready access to the management tools you need.

Learn all the details from our announcement: news.gandi.net/en/2017/07/gandiv5-gets-a-new-dashboard/?pk_campaign=nl-201708-en-eu

2. Introducing the new Gandi Mail
As mentioned above, we also took the opportunity presented by re-working the Gandi Mail product to fit with our new site to rethink the structure of Gandi Mail altogether.

This year, we introduced a new Webmail service [link] and Sieve server rules along with that.

Now, the new and improved Gandi Mail includes at the free level, includes two mailboxes instead of five, but each of these can store up to 3 GB of data instead of the 1 GB global quota previously. We also introduced new options for upgarding your service.

Get acquainted with the new Gandi Mail by reading our write-up about it: news.gandi.net/en/2017/08/introducing-the-new-gandi-mail/?pk_campaign=nl-201708-en-eu

3. #gandiv5: Ready for takeoff
All of this upgrading, though, is really preparation for the final, full launch of #gandiv5. We’ll continue adding products and features of the course of the next few weeks and months, but #gandiv5 is getting ready for ignition.

We published a rough outline of how things will go from here on out, including when products only available on our legacy site will be deployed on v5.

Take a peak at what’s to come in our summary from this month: news.gandi.net/en/2017/08/gandiv5-ready-for-takeoff/?pk_campaign=nl-201708-en-eu

4. Gandi Cloud: A more Xen future
The future is looking more Xen as we continue to upgrade our hosting infrastructure, particularly as it pertains to FR-SD3, our latest and greatest datacenter.

In the process of upgrading, we discovered that for various reasons, Xen made more sense for our virtualization solution than HVM. We took this insight and ran with it and now the future of hosting at Gandi, then, is looking a bit more Xen.

See what the future has in store and what that means for you: news.gandi.net/en/2017/07/a-more-xen-future/?pk_campaign=nl-201708-en-eu

5. Improvements to server setup scripts
Another improvement thanks in part to our new datacenter was the improvements we made to our server setup scripts.
Find out more about the improvements we made: news.gandi.net/en/2017/07/improvements-to-server-setup-scripts/?pk_campaign=nl-201708-en-eu

6. Promo Roundup
And now’s where we get to the part of this month’s newsletter where you get a chance to improve your domain name portfolio by taking advantage of any of the fine selection of TLD promos we’ve lassoed up for you this month:

Get a .me for less this August: news.gandi.net/en/2017/08/do-you-want-me/?pk_campaign=nl-201708-en-eu

Ongoing promotions:
It’s a festival of Radix domain creations and renewals Great deals abound on Radix domain creations and renewals, including promos on .tech, .online, and more: news.gandi.net/en/2017/07/its-a-festival-of-radix-domain-creations-and-renewals/?pk_campaign=nl-201708-en-eu

For the rest of the year, .asia is 70% off The .asia TLD is on sale until 2018, and soon it opens up to those outside of Asia: news.gandi.net/en/2017/07/for-the-rest-of-the-year-asia-is-70-off/?pk_campaign=nl-201708-en-eu

Get .org-anized for two years at 15% off Organize your org with a .org for two years at 15% off: news.gandi.net/en/2017/06/get-org-anized-for-two-years-at-15-off/?pk_campaign=nl-201708-en-eu

.blog domains are on sale Get a customized domain for your blog, on sale: news.gandi.net/en/2017/06/blog-domains-are-on-sale/?pk_campaign=nl-201708-en-eu

Stay on .top with a renewal promo Are you on .top? Stay that way by renewing your .top domain by the end of the year: news.gandi.net/en/2017/06/stay-on-top-with-a-renewal-promo/?pk_campaign=nl-201708-en-eu

Latest info: .info, is on promo Get a .info from now until the end of 2017: news.gandi.net/en/2017/06/latest-info-info-is-on-promo/?pk_campaign=nl-201708-en-uk

Fresh TLDs for sale We've got a bumper crop of TLD promos this spring and summer from Donuts: news.gandi.net/en/2017/03/Fresh-TLDs-for-sale/?pk_campaign=nl-201708-en-uk

Go .pro this spring at half-price Going .pro will cost less for the first year until December, 2017: news.gandi.net/en/2017/02/go-pro-this-spring-at-half-price/?pk_campaign=nl-201708-en-uk

We’ll be back again to round up some promos next month too, but in the meantime, you can catch them out there on the range on the Promos page of the new Gandi News site: news.gandi.net/en/category/promotions-en/?pk_campaign=nl-201708-en-eu

Upgrading is a process that never ends, of course, even when the major upgrades are complete. This year has been all about upgrades, really, but as we outlined above, this month in particular has brought us some of the more striking and exciting changes.

That’s all we have for now, but check in again next month for the latest improvements, updates, and upgrades.

Sincerely, Gandi.net

Launching our new platform

At the end of December 2016, after several months of hard work, we took the first step in launching our new platform, #gandiv5, by introducing it in beta: news.gandi.net/en/10218-The-first-step

We are imminently grateful for all the valuable, constructive feedback. Since then, we've been able to deploy this new platform, that we're calling #gandiv5, progressively, country by country.

And now we are happy to invite you to visit the new site at www.gandi.net.

While certain key functionalities have not yet been integrated into this platform, especially for those managing large domain name portfolios, this beta version allows you to manage most to all day-to-day operations on your domain names.

Important! Please note that the following products are not yet available on this new website:

In both cases, you'll have to login with your current Gandi handle (ex: AB1234-GANDI) and password.

One critical caveat of course is that any domain name registered on gandiv5 will not be available through the legacy interface v4.gandi.net/); you will only be able to manage them from the new platform.

You can keep track of the latest #gandiv5 news and updates here: news.gandi.net/en?tag=v5

As has been the case throughout the whole process, we would love to hear your feedback! If you have thoughts, comments, bugs, errors, general impressions, worries, hopes, fears and/or dreams, feel free to share them with us by emailing feedback@gandi.net or by contacting our Customer Care team who would be happy to help you out of any situation you may find yourself stuck in.

Sincerely, Gandi.net