Picking up steam in September

1. #gandiV5: Coming soon
Gandi V5 is, of course, still a work in progress. We still have to get a couple more features ported over to the new platform and while the features on the new platform are in place, there's still some minor tweaks we'd like to make on the interface and site design.
That said, as we're putting these last pieces into place, we're getting closer and closer to completion.
See what's left to roll out and when to expect it: news.gandi.net/en/2017/08/gandiv5-ready-for-takeoff/?pk_campaign=nl-201709-en-uk

2. Simple Hosting S+ now available
One of those pieces we'd like to highlight is that our new SSL certificate management interface is now available on Gandi V5.
Along with the introduction of this new interface, we're also introducing a new Simple Hosting instance size: S+. A size S+ instance allows you to install SSL certificates (not available on size S), without having to upgrade to a size M, which often includes more resources than those who manage smaller websites need, and is therefore not as economical.
Find out how you can benefit from these new possibilities: news.gandi.net/en/2017/08/ssl-certificates-on-gandiv5/?pk_campaign=nl-201709-en-uk

3. Closing FR-SD2: a new migration plan
And looking at our objectives for the rest of the year, now that FR-SD3 is up and running and FR-SD5 and FR-SD6 are on their way, in anticipation of closing FR-SD2 later this year, we're suggesting that those hosting on FR-SD2 start the process of migration now.
Since we first communicated about this closure and the required migration, we've made some tweaks to the process, especially some we made by popular demand after hearing your input.
Follow the new migration plan: news.gandi.net/en/2017/08/fr-sd2-closure-and-migration-plan/?pk_campaign=nl-201709-en-uk

4. Gandi Events
At the beginning of this month, Gandi participated in the APNIC 44 conference in Taichung, Taiwan.
APNIC is the Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre, the regional registry for the entire Asia-Pacific region.
Among other things, Gandi attended talks about the Root Zone KSK Rollover and IPv6 and security.
Read all about Gandi's participation: news.gandi.net/en/2017/09/gandi-participates-at-apnic-44-conference/?pk_campaign=nl-201709-en-uk
And coming up at the beginning of next month, from 5 through 7 October, Gandi will be one of the sponsors of the 12th edition of Paris Web. Several of our team members will be attending, so if you plan on going yourselves, let us know! We'd be happy to meet up.
Sign up for or find out more about Paris Web: www.paris-web.fr/

5. TLD release calendar
This month, only one TLD will be, or in this case has been, released:
  • .boston entered the GoLive phase on 15 September.

6. Promo Roundup
And finally it's time for this month's promo roundup! As we mentioned
above, after a bit of a dry spell, we had quite a few promos this month:
.cloud £9.00 until 30 June 2018:
.pw for £0.40 until 31 December:
.im for £5.20 until 30 September:
.wales and .cymru until 30 September:
.club £2.00 until 30 September:
.mx £14.00 until 30 September:
.shop £2.50 until 30 September:

There are plenty of ongoing promos as well:
Radix domain creations and renewals:
.asia 70% off until 31 December:
.org for 2 years at 15% off:
.top £1.50 until 31 December:
.info £4.99 until 31 December:

Donuts TLDs on sale:
.pro 50% off until 31 December: news.gandi.net/en/2017/02/go-pro-this-spring-at-half-price/?pk_campaign=nl-201709-en-uk

Be sure to check the Promotions tag on our news site for updates:

And with that we look forward to the more swiftly-moving months ahead that will propel us into the end of the year, which should bring along with it the completion of the process we launched at the beginning of this year.

Of course, none of this is possible without your input. If you'd like to share your thoughts on our newsletter, feel free to email us at newsletter-en@gandi.net. For all general feedback, email feedback@gandi.net.

You can also reach us on Twitter @gandibar or in the #gandi channel on Freenode. \o/

Sincerely, Gandi.net
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