Last 2016 newsletter, all about milestones

1. ICANN policy update
We start off with no surer indicator of the passage of time than an ICANN policy update.
This time around, the change is two-sided. The downside of it is that changing an email address for the owner of a domain name is now a little more complicated. Such a change is now tantamount to changing the owner of the domain in terms of the authorization required. The upside of it is that ICANN will now allow us as your registrar to act as a designated agent. That means that with some contractual modifications, we will be able to skip the authorization steps and update the email on your account like normal. Unfortunately, that feature is not yet available, but will be soon.

2. Recently-delegated TLDs
This month we looked into a few strange interactions between community and TLDs. In particular, that took the form of .free, .food, .box, .cruise, and .boston. Things get a little weird, but don't be afraid. Take a walk on the wild side:

3. Two Million Domains Managed
As a quick note on another milestone marking the passage of time, just a couple weeks ago we surpassed two million domains managed at Gandi, out of 728 (for now) TLDs. Which is a good opportunity to take stock of the fact that we now manage more than two million email addresses, close to 50,000 SSL certificates, and a couple of hundred thousand hosted websites and applications. Of course, none of it would be possible without all 121 gandians across four offices on three continents in Paris, Luxembourg, San Francisco, and Taipei. This is the core team that will take us into 2017 towards the next two million domains, which also thanks to you, our customer and fan base, will happen much sooner than the first two million.

4. 2016 at Gandi: A Year in Review
Of course with the year coming to an end along with year end listicles about the craziest things that happened in 2016 and lists of the top everything that came out this year, we threw in our own year-end review, this time looking at Gandi news articles, TLDs released this year and
looking back at our recently-delegated TLD feature. Take a look back at this past year with us:

5. TLD Release Calendar
Only a couple of TLDs were released this month, but they were both good ones. The highly anticipated .art entered the Sunrise phase and the equally exciting .cam entered the GoLive phase.
  • Wednesday 7 December: .art (Sunrise)
  • Wednesday 14 December: .cam (GoLive)

6. Promo round up
Our promos are 100% organic, free-range, grass-fed, rambling about the open range. But once a month we wrangle them all together in one place so you can take your pick of the herd.
Here's this month's Promo Roundup.:
Ending 31 December:

Only in December:

Ongoing promos:
Or just keep track of all our promos here:

In 2015 we celebrated 15 years in business, in 2016 we hit the two million domains mark, but did we miss something? Or are you lonely and want to chat?
Here's how you can reach us:
and on the #gandi channel on Freenode. \o/

Sincerely — The Gandi Team
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