Asia, Debian 8, 11 new TLDs and great promos

Welcome to June, the month when days grow longer towards midsummer in the Northern Hemisphere of our small, blue planet. Not only are the days growing, but so is our Taipei team, which is now ready to take on the Asian market.

It is also a big month for new gTLDs, and we will give you a little summary of what to expect, both the good and the bad. There are also some updates to ccTLDs that you should know about.

1. Looking East to Gandi Asia
Gandi Asia is open for business! While we've been offering support
services in the Asian time zone for some time, we are now expanding, in
order to offer Asian customers a far more convenient way to buy domains
and hosting from Gandi. For one thing, the Gandi website is now
available in Chinese and simplified Chinese, and you can pay in several
Asian currencies. We have also strengthened our DNS services in Asia,
and even trained a team to offer Corporate services to Asian companies.

2. Debian 8, «Jessie», is now available
Following Debian's announcement and several weeks in beta on our HVM
platform, we're pleased to announce the availability of the Debian 8
image on our public IaaS platform. Information and CLI tutorial:

3. New gTLD release calendar for June
This is a provisional calendar, that is subject to change as we are
informed of modifications by the registries:

Mon June 1:
.tirol (Golive)
.amsterdam (Landrush)
.lol (Sunrise)

Wed June 3:
.casino (GoLive)
.school (GoLive)
.football (GoLive)

Thurs June 4:
.porn (GoLive)
.adult (GoLive)
.accountant (Sunrise)
.download (Sunrise)
.loan (Sunrise)
.racing (Sunrise)
.win (Sunrise)

Tues June 9:
.dog (Sunrise)
.theater (Sunrise)
.taxi (Sunrise)
.hockey (Sunrise)
.run (Sunrise)

Wed June 17:
.markets (GoLive)

Sun June 21:
.sucks (GoLive)

Mon June 22:
.taipei (GoLive)

Thurs June 25:
.irish (GoLive)

4. Price increase of .BIZ to be expected in November
Though November may seem far away, if you need to renew any .BIZ
domains, we recommend that you do it before November 1st. This is
because the price will rise by at least €1 at that time.

5. .EU is only €2
Are you .EU? If you meet the residency requirements, you can get a .EU
for just €2 in June, instead of €12. This promotion applies to any
1-year creation, as long as you register before the end of June.
Get your .EU domain here:

6. Great promo on .PARTY, .SCIENCE, and .WEBCAM
.SCIENCE, .PARTY, and .WEBCAM have incredible deals €1.50 each. These
three new gTLDs are available at this price until Monday July 27th, but
as these promotions are limited to 500,000 per extension (whether
through Gandi or not), once that limit is reached, we won't be able to
offer the promotion.

7. .EU.COM are half price in June
If you're looking for a .EU or .COM domain name but couldn't find one
that was available, you should have a look at .EU.COM. Second Level
Domains are less popular but yet offer more chances to be able to
register your preferred domain! In June, .EU.COM is only €8.50 for one
year creations, instead of €17, don't miss it!
Check for your domain availability and register:

8. Promo roundup
Here's a quick reminder of currently active domain name promos at Gandi:

.FR finally switched to multi-year registration on March 30th. To
celebrate, we are providing you with a promo of .FR domains for 5 years
or more, with a yearly price of €9.00 until end of June.

The national extension of Austria, .AT, is half-price for any creation
for one year until end of June.

The .CO.COM is in a promo through June 30th, for all creations (from 1
to 10 years). During this 60% off sale, a .CO.COM will only cost €11.76
excl. VAT per year under A rates.

.XYZ is on sale for all one-year domain creations for the low price of
€4 under A rates until June 30th:

.ASIA and .IN are 50% off until July 1 (€9 and €6.25 respectively):

.ME is running a continuous promotion with a 40% sale, for all creation
for one year, that's €9.60 excl. VAT instead of €16,00 under A rates.

.CLUB is also offering a long promotion valid during all 2015, at €8.26
excl. VAT under A rates for all creation for one year.

The registry, Uniregistry, is having, until June 30 included, a special
promo of 50% off 6 of its new extensions .GIFT, HIPHOP, .HOSTING, .LINK,

The RightSide registry is offering a discount of 25% off the price of a
one-year creation on TLDs in the following list: .ACTOR, .AUCTION,
and .SOCIAL until the end of June:

If you're one of those who know your place is on that stage, no matter
how bad the tips or crummy the gig, we have good new for you: .ACTOR,
.BAND, .DANCE, and .ROCKS are only £4 until end of July!

Finally, as usual, feel free to share your thoughts, likes, dislikes,and
comments by email:

Gandi Team

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