March 2015 New Domains Newsletter

.SOCIAL: Bring your online and offline worlds together
Most of us use Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media networks to connect online with the people we meet in the real world. But sharing the links to our social media pages can be difficult, because the URLs are long and complicated.

.SOCIAL fixes that problem. Register a .SOCIAL domain—like—and set up URL forwarding with your favorite social media profile. Now it's easy to tell your new friends how to find you.

Thousands of two-letter domains are now available
On March 18 Rightside registry released more than 20,000 two-character premium domains (number+letter or number+number combinations only). Rightside operates New Domains like .NINJA, .ROCKS, and .BAND. The release means there are some great opportunities to get an incredibly short and memorable domain name. Visit the blog for a full release list.

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