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Black building test + 2N power upgrade at SDC2 maintenance - Serverius Network Operations Center (NOC)

Dear Customer,
You are receiving this message as an advance notice of a black building test
Location =Datacenter 2, Meppel, NL (SDC2)
Service Type = Grid / Generators test and maintenance
Start: 18.12.2017 7:00 CET
End: 18.12.2017 9:00 CET
Expected duration: 2 hours
Service interruption: none expected
Reason: Black building test combined with works for the 2N power upgrade.

You may view the latest announcement at noc.serverius.net/?p=290
Keep in mind that all updates will not be emailed but will only published on the NOC website.
With kind regards, Serverius Network Operations Center (NOC)