The drum beat of change

1. New language and database combinations
Our first improvement to report this month is the addition of new language and database options on Simple Hosting, bringing the total number of programming language and database version combinations up to eighteen.

Start thinking about how you can mix and match these combinations:

2. U2F now available on #gandiV5
Four years ago we introduced a relatively new security standard, two-factor authentication (2FA), to our account security options. On the anniversary of our announcement of this new feature, we introduced the next evolution: universal two factor (U2F).

The U2F standard has simplified and strengthened 2FA. On #gandiv5, you now can use your U2F key to authenticate your session.

Learn how you can better secure your account with U2F:

3. SSL and SEO
Ahh SSL and SEO. Having the former can improve the latter. This month we looked at how to get SSL on your Simple Hosting now for free when you upgrade to the S+SSL instance size.

Find out how to improve your SEO with SSL on Simple Hosting:

4. Update on #gandiv5 for resellers
While the tempo of that drumbeat of progress towards #gandiv5 completion is indeed picking up pace, we had thought that our resellers and corporate customers would be able to start migrating to v5 this October but unfortunately, the site is not yet ready for these customers.

Get the full update about #gandiv5 for resellers:

5. Rightside and Donuts DPML program merged
Following the acquisition of the Rightside registry by Donuts on 28 July, Donuts's DPML service is expanding to include Rightside domains. The two programmes are effectively being merged.

Find out the details about this change:

Or read more corporate news:

6. Social media at Gandi
We just passed 10,000 followers on our French-language Twitter handle @gandi_net this month. We took this as an opportunity to tell you how we do social media at Gandi.

Follow the daily cycle of our social media coverage:

7. Promo Roundup
Finally, as with every month, we have a fresh crop of new TLD promotions to round up. As we round out the last few months of 2017, the pace of promotions has cranked up too.

Here's a look at promos starting in October:
Your friendly neighbourhood .shop is €10.00 this fall:

Get Australian domains .melbourne or .sydney for 10 years for the price of one this October:

What's more tubular than a .tube domains at 50% off through 31 October:

Get a News-related TLD from now until 31 December: €4.40 for .live, €8.80 for .news, and €1.80 for .today:

Six months to fall in love with .london—80% off until 31 March:

Get .tickets from now until 31 December, 2017 for just €39.99:

Listen to your inner voice and get a .me for €2.00 for the first year:

Eight real estate TLDs you don't need a mortgage to buy on promotion until 31 December:

Cool domains like .cool, .guru, .ninja, .rocks and .zone are on salefrom now until 31 December:

Creative TLDs .photography, .video, .digital, and .media are on sale through the end of the year:

Midterm sale on .study and .courses:

Get your .org domain for the first year at 25% off through 15 January:

Harvest your own .wine or .vin this season until 31 December:

All about .life and the .world, €1.80 for the first year:

Some Business class domains—.company, .consulting, .email, .expert, and
.solutions—are on sale:

And ongoing promos:
Long-range forecast: .cloud-y skies through June 2018, at €9.00 per

Get your professional website a .pw domain for €0.50 through the end of
the year:

It’s a festival of Radix domain creations and renewals, including promos
on .tech, .online:

For the rest of the year, .asia is 70% off:

Stay on .top with a renewal promo by the end of the year for just €1.50:

Get a .info from now until the end of 2017 for €5.00 for the first year:

Going .pro will cost €8.00 for the first year until December, 2017:

Be sure to check the Promotions tag on our news site for updates:
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