Spring finally sprang, and so did promos and dataviz

It’s May, which means it’s now full-on springtime in the northern hemisphere. Nature seems like one big information processing system, where the input of so many little packets of code is transmuted into the beautiful output of green sprouts and buds and flowers and debugging is taken literally. Maybe it just means we need to step away from our keyboards more often, but It has us thinking about transformation.

This month, we launch a more expansive look into slamming email scams. We’re also looking at the latest TLDs to be transformed from application to an actual extension in our Recently Delegated TLDs update.

Then, we visualize the domain name transfer process. Going In Depth we briefly explore the history of Public Key Encryption in this month’s Tech Fundamentals. Finally, of course, we end with a look at TLD releases and current and ongoing promos.

1. In depth about Slamming Emails
Last month, we provided a guide on how to spot a slamming email. That launched us into a more expansive look at domain slamming in general, the different forms it comes in, and some additional tips for staying safe out there.

Read our full post here:

2. Recently-delegated TLDs
In the past 30 days or so, plenty of new generic TLD applications have come to ultimate fruition by being added to the root zone.

The list includes a couple of TLDs that may have been the subject of some wheeling and dealing behind the scenes were delegated to the root, as well as an unexpectedly controversial TLD and more.

Read which strings were delegated:

3. Visualization: Domain name transfer procedure
This month, we planted the seeds of our expertise in all matters domain-related, and put together a visualization that blossomed into quite a neat little project. We have to admit we had some fun with it. This time around, we looked at the procedure for transferring a domain name between registrars (with special attention to the process to transfer in to Gandi, of course).

The result was a visual guide to a quest fraught with peril: transferring your domain name.

Begin your quest:

4. Tech Fundamentals: Public key encryption
From the start, public key cryptography was seen as needed by all and a challenge to military authority.

From Diffie and Hellman through Rivest, Shamir and Adleman, Phil Zimmerman's landmark PGP, we looked at public key cryptography’s flourishing as an invaluable human rights tool and look to the future fruits we hope to see it bear in this month’s Tech Fundamentals.

Read our history of public key encryption:

5. TLD Release Calendar
Here’s a look at TLD releases at Gandi for the month of May 2016:

Tuesday 3 May:
  • .mom (GoLive)
  • .game (Sunrise)

Monday 9 May:
  • .insurance (Sunrise)

Tuesday 10 May:
  • .ist (GoLive)
  • .istanbul (GoLive)

Monday 17 May:
  • .vip (GoLive)
  • .promo (Landrush)
Monday 23 May:
  • .promo (GoLive)

Tuesday 24 May:
  • .game (Landrush and GoLive)

Thursday 26 May:
  • .autos (Landrush )

6. Promo Roundup
There are plenty of opportunities this month to plant the seeds to be reaped later by taking advantage of new and ongoing promos:

Starting 1 May:
  • .green €23.84 (50% off) per year through 30 June
  • .xyz €2.00 per year through 30 May
  • .family €7.50 per year through 30 June
  • .design €25,99 per year (50% off) through 15 June
  • .tech €10.00 per year through 31 May

Starting 3 May:
  • .press €5.00 per year through 3 June

Starting 9 May:
  • .mx €19.95 per year (50% off) through 31 May

Ongoing promotions:
  • .earth €12.98 per year (50% off) through 31 May
  • .live €12.98 per year through 30 June
  • .accountant, .bid, .cricket, .date, .download, .faith, .loan, .party,
  • .racing, .review, .science, .trade, .webcam, .win €2.00 per year through
  • 31 December
  • .boutique, .immo, .maison, .sarl, .voyage €10.00 through 30 June
  • .me €9.60 through 31 December
  • .in €6.25 through 30 June
  • .rocks €5.97 and .social €12.49 through 31 May
  • .link €3.24 and .click €2.64 through 30 June
  • .adult, .porn, .sex, .xxx €12.00 through 31 May
  • .co.com €14.69 through 31 May
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