Simpler billing on Google Cloud Platform

We know that developers don’t want to spend time managing their billing information so we’ve added a couple of useful features to make managing your billing easier and less time consuming.

First, you’re now able to consolidate multiple projects and pay for them under a single billing account. This means you no longer have to manage and maintain billing information in multiple places. It also lets you quickly and easily set up new projects without having to re-enter your billing details.

Second, we know that sometimes you want another person (e.g. your accountant) to have access to your billing information but don’t want to grant them ownership permissions on your projects. You can now invite additional billing administrators from the Developers Console who can view and manage your billing details but are not automatically project owners.

With these two changes, you can spend time less on billing and more time doing the work you care about.

-Posted by Dan Stokeley, Product Manager
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