Announcing lower prices for Google Cloud Platform

As the core of any cloud workload, compute should be affordable, fast and scalable. That's why in October, we lowered the price of Compute Engine by 10% for all instance types in every region. On November 4th at Google Cloud Platform Live, we announced additional price reductions for networking and storage products.

As more of our customers manage traffic to and from instances and the Internet, we've lowered egress prices as much as 47% across Asia-Pacific to match prices in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Due to their particular costs, egress to China and Australia will be priced separately from the rest of Asia-Pacific, with China rates increasing March 1st, 2015. Developers can lower egress costs further by peering with Google via Google Cloud Interconnect at preferential rates.

Persistent Disk
The price for SSD Persistent Disk has dropped by 48% to $0.17 per GB/Month, still with no separate fee for I/O operations. Storage for Persistent Disk snapshots is now the same price as standard Google Cloud Storage: $0.026 per GB/Month, a 79% reduction. Beginning March 1st, 2015, restores of Persistent Disk snapshots will be subject to the same egress fees as other Compute Engine network traffic.

Cloud SQL
We've dropped the price of our biggestCloud SQL instances — D4, D8, D16, and D32 — by 25%. This applies to both Packaged and Per-Use billing plans.

The price of BigQuery storage has dropped by 23% to $0.02 per GB/Month, the same price as Google Cloud Storage's popular Durable Reduced Availability (DRA) storage class.

With some of the lowest prices in the industry, Compute Engine helps developers gain the performance and consistency of Google's worldwide network. Now it's more affordable than ever to deploy large clusters, handle giant data sets and work more efficiently in the cloud.
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