Product updates

QUIC with HTTPS load balancing
With this beta release, HTTPS load balancing now supports the QUIC transport in connections to clients, improving performance by providing enhanced congestion control and security.

User-defined request headers
In this beta release, customers can now specify additional headers that the Google Cloud Load Balancer can add to requests, helping improve the client experience and simplifying backend implementation.

Creating a GCE VM instance with an existing instance template
With this GA release, Google Compute Engine customers can now create a VM instance based on an existing instance template with the ability to override certain instance-template fields.

Cloud ML Engine – XGBoost and scikit-learn support
With this beta release, customers can now serve trained scikit-learn and XGBoost models on Cloud Machine Learning Engine, using its online prediction service to support scalable prediction requests against their trained models.

Structured data from Stackdriver Logging agent
Customers can now use the Stackdriver Logging agent to convert their logs to a structured JSON format for many common log types with this GA release.

VPC Flow Logs for cloud network monitor
Now in beta, VPC Flow Logs for cloud network monitor increases transparency into your network and allows you to track network flows all the way down to an individual virtual interface in near real time.

Apigee compliance with GDPR requirements
Apigee Edge has been updated to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, allowing customers to disable Apigee Support from being able to trace their proxy traffic, among other changes.
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