Announcing new business capabilities and more regions

New Cloud Regions for all.
GCP now serves over a billion end users. To support customer growth, we’re adding eight new regions in 2017—Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney, Northern Virginia, São Paulo, London, Finland, and Frankfurt. Regional expansion benefits all with lower latency and cost, improved control over data localization, and enhanced stability and performance.
True multi-cloud support. No lock-in.
Container Engine (GKE) now delivers true cloud federation. Powered by newly released Kubernetes 1.4, GKE automated container management lets you easily deploy across multiple clusters—and multiple clouds. New capabilities include monitoring cluster add-ons, one-click cluster spin-up, and support for the new Google Container-VM Image (GCI).
Move to cloud data warehousing.
With new capabilities core to common large-scale business workloads, BigQuery is now a full-fledged data warehouse. Unlimited flat-rate pricing—and unlimited queries—make data storage costs predictable. And with support for standard SQL, simplified sharing, and Identity and Access Management (IAM) for greater security, BigQuery further democratizes cloud data analytics.
Machine learning built for business.
The ability to warehouse data means gaining insight from multiple data streams is all the more challenging—and critical. Now in public beta, Cloud Machine Learning is now fully integrated with BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, and Cloud Storage, to let you quickly create, train, and add machine learning to your operations and applications. Learn how to get started with our new certification program and professional services for machine learning.
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