Where we're at with gandiv5, FR-SD3 official opening, and domain name secondary market

1. Where we're at with #gandiv5
It's been a few months since we first announced the launch of #gandiv5 and with four months of updates, new releases, openings, and feature adding, we're checking in on #gandiv5 to see how it's coming along and look forward to what's still to come.
See where we've been and where we're going:

2. FR-SD3 offical opening
While we initially expected to take FR-SD3 out of beta on 20 March, we decided to extend the Beta phase, but now it's ready for a grand opening. On 1 May we gave our official fifteen day warning that FR-SD3 will be officially opening on 15 May.
Find out what that means or just keep reading about FR-SD3:

3. The domain name secondary market
We've been selling domains since 1999 so it's no news that domain names are commodities and while it's existed from the beginning, the secondary domain name market has been attracting some attention lately.
We made some comments this month that might be of interest to anyone interested in investing in domain names.
Learn about the secondary market:

4. Recently-delegated TLDs
Also of interest to domainers and people generally interested in domain names and especially the process of introducing new ones, this month after a bit of a hiatus. ICANN's delegation process has slowed to a trickle, though the TLDs being delegated are increasingly interesting in terms of the insight they provide into the arcane mechanisms of the TLD application and contention processes.

Delve deeper into recently-delegated TLDs:

5. TLD Release Calendar
If you missed the first TLD release this month, we hope you have a chance to register the second.
Monday 8 May:
  • .health (Sunrise)
Wednesday 10 May:
  • .art (GoLive)

7. Promo Roundup
Let's talk promos.

Only in May (1-31 May):

Starting 1 May:

Ending in May:

Ongoing Promotions:

That's all we have for May. Check back in with us in a few for June's newsletter.

Sincerely, The Gandi Team
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