Launching our new platform

At the end of December 2016, after several months of hard work, we took the first step in launching our new platform, #gandiv5, by introducing it in beta:

We are imminently grateful for all the valuable, constructive feedback. Since then, we've been able to deploy this new platform, that we're calling #gandiv5, progressively, country by country.

And now we are happy to invite you to visit the new site at

While certain key functionalities have not yet been integrated into this platform, especially for those managing large domain name portfolios, this beta version allows you to manage most to all day-to-day operations on your domain names.

Important! Please note that the following products are not yet available on this new website:

In both cases, you'll have to login with your current Gandi handle (ex: AB1234-GANDI) and password.

One critical caveat of course is that any domain name registered on gandiv5 will not be available through the legacy interface; you will only be able to manage them from the new platform.

You can keep track of the latest #gandiv5 news and updates here:

As has been the case throughout the whole process, we would love to hear your feedback! If you have thoughts, comments, bugs, errors, general impressions, worries, hopes, fears and/or dreams, feel free to share them with us by emailing or by contacting our Customer Care team who would be happy to help you out of any situation you may find yourself stuck in.

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