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Important updates on our GDPR compliance

The new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect on May 25, 2018. We can assure you that all DigitalOcean services will be in full compliance with GDPR by this date.

We want to keep you informed and prepared so you and your teams can focus on what matters: spending more time building great software. Not only is GDPR an important step in protecting the fundamental right to privacy for European citizens, it also raises the bar for data protection, security, and compliance in the industry.

To help you understand what this means for you, and the steps we have taken to ensure the protection of personal data, we have created a new GDPR section on our website. In this section, you can find:
  • An FAQ document to help you understand GDPR and how it affects you as a DigitalOcean customer
  • The DigitalOcean Data Processing Agreement (DPA), which enables you to comply with your GDPR obligations
  • In addition, we have updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Agreement to comply with the new requirements of GDPR.

Thank you for being a DigitalOcean customer. We’re proud to provide the highest level of privacy for our customers and hope you'll find that these updates improve your overall DigitalOcean experience.

Early access to Kubernetes

We’re excited to announce our early access program for Kubernetes on DigitalOcean!

DigitalOcean Kubernetes is designed for developers who want a simple way to deploy and manage container workloads in the cloud.

We will select users to invite into the early access in June. Sign up now and receive a free Kubernetes cluster through September 2018. We are looking forward to your feedback!


What’s Shipping Next on DigitalOcean

2017 was an exciting year for DigitalOcean and we shipped more products and features than ever before. We introduced several new products including Load Balancers, Monitoring and Alerts, Cloud Firewalls, High CPU Droplets and Spaces.

In 2018 we will continue making it simple for businesses to scale their applications in production. Some of the releases you can expect include:
  • Droplets in More Shapes and Sizes
  • Deployment with Containers
  • Enhancements to Security and Privacy
  • Spaces in More Regions with More Features
  • Enhancements to the Developer Experience and a Marketplace
Please take a look at the blog post for the details, including early access sign ups and ways to provide your feedback. We are very excited about our 2018 roadmap and can’t wait to hear your feedback!

DigitalOcean Spaces Now Available in Amsterdam

We’re excited to announce that Spaces is now available in Amsterdam, providing scalable Object Storage to nearby regions!

You can now create a Space in AMS3 in two clicks using the drag-and-drop UI or API, and instantly have object storage that scales automatically, works with S3-compatible tools, and requires minimal configuration or management.

Pricing for Spaces is $5 per month and includes 250 GB of storage and 1 TB of outbound data transfer per month from any data center with Spaces deployed (currently NYC3 and AMS3). Inbound data transfer for uploading is free. Additional bandwidth is available at $0.01 per GB of data transfer, and additional storage is $0.02 per GB stored.

Block Storage Comes to NYC3 and LON1; One More Datacenter on the Way

Today, we're excited to share that Block Storage is available to Droplets in NYC3 and LON1. With Block Storage, you can scale your storage independently of your compute and have more control over how you grow your infrastructure, enabling you to build and scale larger applications more easily. Block Storage has been a key part of our overall focus on strengthening the foundation of our platform to increase performance and enable our customers to scale.

We've seen incredible engagement since our launch last July. Users have created Block Storage volumes in SFO2, NYC1, FRA1, SGP1, TOR1, and BLR1 to scale databases, take backups, store media, and much more; NYC3 and LON1 are our seventh and eighth datacenters with Block Storage respectively.

As we continue to upgrade and augment our other datacenters, we'll be ensuring that Block Storage is added too. In order to help you plan your deployments, we've finalized the timeline for AMS3. Here is the schedule we're targeting for Block Storage rollout in 2017:
  • Singapore (SGP1): Now!
  • Toronto (TOR1): Now!
  • Bangalore (BLR1): Now!
  • New York City (NYC3): Now!
  • London (LON1): Now!
  • Amsterdam (AMS3): Q4

Inside LON1, our London datacenter region.
Additionally, Kubernetes now offers support for DigitalOcean Block Storage thanks to StackPointCloud. Learn more about it here.

Thanks to everyone who has given us feedback and used Block Storage so far. Please keep it coming. You can create your first Block Storage volume in NYC3 or LON1 today!

Please note: For our NYC3 region, we recommend that you add a volume at the time you create your Droplet to ensure access to Block Storage.

Introducing High CPU Droplets

Today, we’re excited to announce new High CPU Droplet plans for CPU-intensive workloads. As applications grow and evolve we have found that there are certain workloads that need more powerful underlying computing power.

Use Cases
Here are some use cases that can benefit from CPU-optimized compute servers:
  • App servers. App servers with significant loads and powered by NodeJS require more CPUs than what’s available with standard Droplets. High CPU Droplets can improve application performance without paying for storage infrastructure you don’t need.
  • CI/CD servers. Improve the performance of your Jenkins pipeline to rapidly deliver new functionality to production. With High CPU Droplets, Jenkins can speed up continuous integration and deployment times enabling you to quickly deploy features to production.
  • Data analytics applications. More CPUs can improve the performance of data analytics, specifically for applications that require heavy computation. In these cases, choosing one High CPU Droplet with multiple, dedicated vCPUs provides both better performance and more favorable pricing than multiple, standard Droplets.
  • Build servers. If you build applications using remote build servers (using the DO API to deploy build servers as needed), it can be more cost effective to use High CPU Droplets on demand to initiate and complete builds more quickly.

We are offering five new Droplet plans. They start from $40/mo for two dedicated vCPUs, up to $640/mo for 32 dedicated vCPUs.

We've partnered with Intel to back these Droplets with Intel's most powerful processors, delivering a maximum, reliable level of performance. Going forward, we’ll regularly evaluate and use the best CPUs available to ensure they always deliver the best performance for your applications.

The current CPUs powering High CPU Droplets are the Intel Broadwell 2697Av4 with a clock speed of 2.6Ghz, and the Intel Skylake 8168 with a clock speed of 2.7Ghz. Customers in our early access period have seen up to four times the performance of Standard Droplet CPUs, and on average see about 2.5 times the performance.

These Droplets are available through the Control Panel and the API starting today as capacity allows in SFO2, NYC1, NYC3, TOR1, BLR1, and AMS3. They will be available in FRA1 and LON1 by the end of August.

Introducing Cloud Firewalls

We’re excited to announce the release of Cloud Firewalls.

Cloud Firewalls help secure your Droplets and are free to enable. You can define which ports are visible on your Droplets and control which resources can access them. All without having to install and configure more software.

It's designed to be easy to use with groups of resources, scales as you grow, and is perfect for production environments.

Cloud Firewalls are free for all Droplet customers.

To learn more about how to use Cloud Firewalls to secure your applications, be sure to read the announcement blog post. Click below for a product walk through.

Product Update: May 2017

High CPU Droplets: Early Access
We are now offering early access to a new set Droplet Plans: High CPU Droplets.
Focused on reliable high performance, High CPU Droplets are backed by a more powerful, best-in-class CPU, and won’t have any overcommitment on the underlying physical resources.
We will be onboarding customers to private early access as we have capacity. Sign up here to request early access.

Block Storage in Singapore + Future Rollouts
Need more disk? You can now add Block Storage volumes up to 16TB in size to Droplets in Singapore! In order to help you plan your deployments, we've finalized the timelines for the next five regions. Here is the schedule we're targeting for Block Storage rollout in 2017:
  • Singapore (SGP1): Now!
  • Toronto (TOR1): June
  • Bangalore (BLR1): Late Q2/Early Q3
  • Amsterdam (AMS3): Late Q2/Early Q3
  • New York City (NYC3): Late Q3/Early Q4
  • London (LON1): Late Q3/Early Q4
We'll have more specific updates to share on SFO1, NYC2, and AMS2 in a future update. Read the full blog post here.

Monitoring is Generally Available
Since December, all new droplets have had the option of including the DigitalOcean Agent that enables more detailed metrics like CPU, Memory, and Disk Utilization and Top Processes. Now everyone can set up alert policies on these metrics using Monitoring. Best of all it’s free! What’s next for Monitoring?
  • API support for alert policies
  • Enhanced visualization of alerts
  • Webhooks to notify external services about alerts
  • See the Monitoring blog post for more details.