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Product Update Jan 2017

2017 Roadmap: What's Shipping Next
Our CTO Julia Austin wrote a blog post recapping 2016 milestones and sharing what’s in store for DigitalOcean in 2017. Take a look at what motivates the products we build and what’s to come here.

Here’s a look at specific products and updates covered in the blog:

Guest Agent Powered Droplet Graphs
Memory and disk space graphs are now available! We've gathered the knowledge that we've learned involving telemetry and performance observability and poured it into an open-source project called do-agent. The agent helps you get a better picture of the health of your Droplets by adding several new graphs to the Droplet graphs page, and making the existing graphs much more precise. (These upgrades are available for free.)

For more details, read the blog post or follow the tutorial on getting started.

Monitoring Beta
The same DigitalOcean Agent that enables improved graphs above also serves as an essential building block for Monitoring. With access to stats on CPU, memory, disk space and network utilization, our new Monitoring Beta allows you to create an Alert Policy that notifies you when a Droplet hits a defined threshold. Our beta currently supports notifications via email and Slack, and more options are on the roadmap. Sign up here for early access.

Load Balancers are coming
Scale your applications and improve availability for your users. Load Balancers automatically distribute incoming traffic across your infrastructure, and are managed entirely from the DigitalOcean control panel or API—no ops needed. Sign up here to get notified about updates.

Other DO Updates
Here are some recent changes in the control panel and beyond:
  • DNS UI/UX refresh and custom TTLs. We’ve updated the look and feel of the DNS page on the control panel. As part of this refresh, we’ve also added the ability to customize TTLs associated with your domain records.
  • Network throughput improvements. All Droplets in all datacenters have had their network throughput increased from 1G to 2G. This has been automatically implemented—no further action on your part!

DigitalOcean to charge 15% service tax to India customers

Moving forward, charges on your invoices—including this month’s invoice—will increase due to a new ruling by the Government of India. We know this a sudden change so we want to help you with this month’s invoice and aid you in updating your account information

First, if are a business with a Sevice Tax ID, we ask that you enter it into the Service Tax ID form on the Billing page.

The new ruling has determined that the Service Tax of 15% is applicable to cloud services including DigitalOcean starting December 1 (this month) for any account with a tax location in India. You will see this increase reflected on your next invoice on January 1, 2017--unless you are a business entity that has inputted their Service Tax ID. You can read more about the ruling, Service Tax IDs for businesses, and details in our FAQs.

We know this is sudden and want to help you adjust. Therefore, we are adding a credit to this month’s invoice to offset the 15% increase. You will see the 15% credit added to your January 1, 2017 invoice.

Please see our Support page for further questions and screenshots on how to update your Service Tax ID. As always, we are here to help.

Sincerely, Team DigitalOcean


Droplet Tagging and more

As developers ourselves, we know how important it is to stay organized when working on and managing applications. Tags are a simple and powerful way to help with:
  • Deployments and infrastructure management/automation
  • Managing resource ownership
  • Monitoring and automation
  • Logging and data retention policies

High Memory Droplets start with 16GB and scale up to 224GB of RAM with smaller ratios of local storage and CPU relative to standard Droplets. They are priced at $7.50 per-gigabyte of RAM per month. These Droplets are optimized for RAM-intensive workloads such as high-performance databases like MongoDB, in-memory caches like Redis or Memcache, or search indexes.

You can now create snapshots of block storage volumes! Volume snapshots act just in the same way as Droplet snapshots do — you can use them to make backups or maintain a certain state. Block storage volume snapshots are priced at a rate of $0.05/GB/month.

Celebrate the spirit of open source software with us. Contribute to GitHub-hosted open source projects in October for the chance to win a limited-edition Hacktoberfest T-shirt.

There’s only four days left to join thousands of developers from around the world to work on bug fixes, feature releases, and documentation updates for GitHub-hosted open source projects.

July Product Update

lock Storage in NYC1, SFO2, more soon!
Scale disk space independent of compute with highly available SSD Block Storage volumes from 1GB to 16TB. Volumes have a straightforward price of $0.10/GB per month.

For more details, read the Block Storage blog post, see our growing list of tutorials on the subject, or try it for yourself via the cloud control panel, API or the command-line interface: DOCTL.

Live Snapshots for Droplets
Snapshots just got a lot better: You can now create snapshots without powering down your Droplet! Use snapshots to transfer droplets between regions, send to other users, and restore your droplet to a previous state.

Updates to Community
If you’ve visited community recently you may have noticed some updates

Users can now upvote content they find helpful within Q&A, tutorials and projects

Answers to questions can now be marked as accepted by the question author

Improvements to Teams
We released some major updates to how teams work on DigitalOcean:
  • One account can belong to as many as 10 teams
  • Easily switch between teams and your personal account
  • Improved invitations & team management
  • New role for “billing”

More Datacenters: Bangalore and San Francisco
We opened our Bangalore datacenter in May, bringing droplets to the fastest growing ecosystem of startups and entrepreneurs, India. Our second San Francisco datacenter (SFO2) opened in July, greatly expanding capacity in one of our most popular regions.

RethinkDB Horizon One-Click
Recently, the team at RethinkDB released Horizon, a realtime, open-source backend for JavaScript apps. Our One-Click Application provides a convenient way to get started with Horizon and get your RethinkDB-powered projects up and running quickly.

Block Storage is here! Scale storage independently of your

up to 16TB — $0.10/GB per month

Highly Available and Redundant
Block Storage stores data on hardware that is separated from the Droplet and replicated multiple times across different racks, reducing the chances of data loss in the event of hardware failure.

Scalable and Flexible
You can easily scale up and resize your Storage volumes from 1GB to 16TB and move them between Droplets via the control panel or API. As your storage needs grow, you can expand an existing volume or add more volumes to your Droplet.

Reliable and Secure
All the data is encrypted at rest and transmitted to the Droplets over isolated networks.

Multiple Regions
You can create Block Storage volumes right now in NYC1 and our new SFO2 region. FRA1 is next in line and will be available in the coming weeks. We’re working quickly to expand to other regions. More updates to come.

Getting Started
When you log in to your dashboard, you will see a new Volumes tab that has an overview of your volumes:

You will also be able to add volumes right from a Droplet’s page

Once you have a volume attached to your Droplet, use the simple copy and paste instructions displayed on your dashboard to configure it. For more information on working with your Block Storage volumes, read our community tutorials about Linux filesystems and tools and our introduction to Block Storage.

Like all DigitalOcean resources, you can also automate provisioning using our brand new volumes API or doctl, the official DigitalOcean command-line client.

Introducing Our Bangalore Region: BLR1

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest datacenter region: BLR1, located in Bangalore, India.

BLR1 includes the same full range of features found in every other region, including 40GbE networking and the latest model of SSDs.

Pricing will also remain consistent across all of our datacenters worldwide, including Bangalore, with cloud servers starting at $5 USD per month.

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SGP Network Maintenance 2016-05-16 16:00 UTC

During the above window the network team will be performing some proactive software upgrades on network infrastructure in SGP1. These upgrades are to enable new features to improve the performance and resilience of the network platform.

Expected Impact:
During the change window users will be unable to perform Droplet actions (e.g. create, destroy, resize) for approximately 30 minutes. There will be no impact to already running Droplets.

Approximately 30 minutes prior to the maintenance we will post an update on status.digitalocean.com and periodic updates will follow as work progresses.

Please do not hesitate to contact support if you have any additional questions or concerns. You may do so by opening a ticket, or replying to this email.

Thank you,
DigitalOcean Network Team