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31 Days, 4 Pull Requests, 1000s of Stories: Looking Back at Hacktoberfest

When we completed our first Hacktoberfest in 2014, we had 768 participants, and happily sent out T-shirts across the globe. We were eager to see what 2015 would bring, but we could never have expected the huge response we received this year!

This year, we partnered with GitHub to lay down the challenge: submit four pull requests on GitHub to an open source project, and we’ll send you a free limited edition T-shirt.

As Hacktoberfest wound down and the numbers and stories began trickling — and then pouring — in, we were overwhelmed by the results that we saw. 14,419 people signed up. 5,708 people created four pull requests. And 1,060 went above and beyond, submitting over 10 each in the month of October.

We were blown away by the stories people shared about their Hacktoberfest experience. Here are just some of our favorite ones from around the world:

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Start Architecting Your Applications for High Availability with Floating IPs

We're excited to launch Floating IPs, a way to architect highly-available systems or applications on DigitalOcean!

Floating IPs help prevent single points of failure by allowing you to move one IP address between different Droplets in the same datacenter. This makes it possible to set up standby Droplets, ready to receive your production traffic at a moment’s notice.

Discover how to set up redundant load balancers that automatically failover with the help of this configuration tutorial. Additionally, Floating IPs can be used for application upgrades. Spin up a new Droplet, run the upgrades on the new Droplet, and switch the flow of traffic to the new Droplet.

Learn more about what Floating IPs are and how to use them on DigitalOcean with this tutorial.

Introducing Our New Canadian Datacenter: TOR1

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our first Canadian datacenter in beautiful Toronto!

It's hard to deny that the Canadian startup ecosystem has been booming. There are nearly half a million software developers throughout Canada, and we at DigitalOcean have always felt lots of love from the Canadian developer community. Today we're excited to send some love back their way as we proudly open the doors to our Canadian datacenter, TOR1. Universe, a platform for people to discover and create events based in Toronto, is already a DigitalOcean customer. We are excited to help them expand their business in Canada.

This was a highly requested location. Each hypervisor comes equipped with 40GbE networking and the latest model of SSDs.

Because all of these Droplets will be physically in Canada, if your business needs to keep data in the Great White North, you’ll now be able to do that. DigitalOcean is committed to upholding the highest standards in privacy and security, and TOR1 enables us to extend those protections to our customers’ customers.

To celebrate the TOR1 launch with our friends in Canada, we'll be hosting events throughout October. Save the dates for your cities: Toronto (Oct 13-15), Vancouver (Oct 20-22), and Montreal (Oct 28 — 29). The official event details will be added to this post soon.

Head over to the Droplet create page or use the API to spin up a maple-flavored Droplet in TOR1 today!

Series B Funding

Объявили о закрытии очередного раунда финансирования. 

For over three years, we’ve been driven by the desire to empower developers and make cloud infrastructure simple. To date, over 500,000 developers have deployed more than 6 million Droplets on DigitalOcean and as the infrastructure needs of our developer community have continued to evolve, we have aspired to as well.
Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve closed a Series B funding round worth $83 million, led by Access Industries with participation from Andreessen Horowitz. This funding represents our continued commitment to helping developers thrive and to help scaling startups grow on our infrastructure.

Introducing Team Accounts

Team Accounts Are Here!

This feature allows multiple users to access and manage an account's resources without having to share login or billing information.
A team account can be created by inviting new members to an existing DigitalOcean account. Working with team accounts is simple, however we do recommend reading our tutorial on the topic before you begin.

Team accounts are also a great option for dev shops who would prefer to have their clients handle the billing. We’ve created a very simple guide covering team account creation that can be shared directly with clients to help them get set up.

We’re excited about the opportunity to better support teams working collaboratively on DigitalOcean. For more details on this release, see our blog post.

Sunsetting DigitalOcean’s API v1

Since releasing version 2 of our API nearly a year ago and officially bringing it out of beta last month, we’ve seen a tremendous uptake of usage by our community. As the ecosystem of tools and libraries continues to grow, we’ve decided that it is time to sunset version 1 of the API.

Don’t worry! We’re not going to pull the rug out from under you. In order to give everyone time to port their tools, version 1 will not be turned off until November 1st 2015

With its (more) RESTful interface and features like OAuth support, v2 is both powerful and easy to use. Our developer documentation should give you all the information you need to begin the transition. If you have questions, you can always ask on our Community site or on Twitter.

DigitalOcean open Frankfurt location

We’re opening the new German region for business! Our new FRA1 facility, located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, gives us an unparalleled opportunity to serve the growing German startup community and developers around the world.

We announced the new German region five months ago and after a month of build out, we are excited to open FRA1, operated by Interxion. The new region features our latest cloud spec and the full range of DigitalOcean features including Metadata, CoreOS, and IPv6.

New in FRA1:
  • 40 GbE network interfaces
  • Enhanced storage on hypervisors using our fastest-yet SSDs
We expect these features to provide the fast-growing German technology and information industry with DigitalOcean’s fastest-ever connectivity and hardware.

Due to its placement on the German Commercial Internet Exchange (DE-CIX), the largest Internet exchange point worldwide by peak traffic, this region also serves Germany’s neighboring countries with unparalleled connectivity and speeds. Like our other European locations, the German region meets Safe Harbor regulations for storing data.

The story of the German startup community is tremendous. We hope that by launching this new region, we can play our part in supporting innovation in Germany. You can try a server in FRA1 from the Droplet create page.