Realtime billing, Redmine, Docker, Rails, Drupal and more

Manage your credentials with ease

To simplify the management of your credentials, you can now add a description to your tokens.
The description field lets you name your token to remember what the purpose of this token is. You will be able to react faster if one of your tokens leaks. Remember that your tokens provide full access to your account, protect them like your password! You can set the description of your existing tokens directly from your control panel.

New InstantApps that will save your time
We are pleased to announce Docker, Drupal, Redmine and the Ruby on Rails InstantApps, deploy yours!
Waiting for a specific application? Vote for the InstantApp your are waiting for. The vote system will enable us to accelerate the build of high demanded applications. If an application you are waiting for is not listed, you can ask for it on the community platform.

Introducing Real-Time Usage

Your usage are now updated in real-time! You now have a global overview of your current Scaleway services usage. This will help you manage your costs and prevent end of month bad surprises. You can access your invoices at any time in the billing section of your account.

Open source
At Scaleway we love open source and we would be happy to contribute to the success of your projet. If you think we can help you, drop us a line at
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Выделенные серверы Hetzner

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