Vote for the InstantApps you love

Scaleway ImageHub, the InstantApps library is growing fast since Scaleway went live. A lot of InstantApps are released every month and join the ImageHub.

These InstantApps are community driven. When we launched the ImageHub, we decided to allow everyone to contribute and create their own InstantApps using our image build system. We get a lot of contribution on existing images and we'd love to thank you all! For those who would love learn how to create an image using our Docker based build system, you can check out our hello world image.

Today, we are excited to introduce the vote feature on the ImageHub. Everyone is now able to vote for the InstantApps they want. The future InstantApps will be determined by the ranking and by your vote!

If an InstantApps is not referenced in the Coming soon InstantApps list, ask for it on the community platform.
You can also share your vote with your friends to get your InstantApp on top of the list!

Happy Cloud Riding!
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