[OVH] IP Load Balancer: new generation API migration

Thank you for using the OVH Load Balancer.

In order to provide you with the best service quality, we reworked our Load Balancer offers during 2017.
The service migration to our new high availability architecture occurred on January 25th 2017.
The API and customer panel migration phase will take place this month.

Starting on December 11th 2017 at 00h00 UTC+1, all Load Balancers will be automatically migrated.
This is a technical operation. It has not impact on the service billing.
No action is required from your part.

Warning: if you use the old API, you must update your scripts.
You can find the API changelog, as well as the related documentation, at the end of this mail.

New customer panel: www.ovh.com/manager/cloud/login.html
Old API, deprecated starting on December 11th: eu.api.ovh.com/console/#/ip/loadBalancing
New API: eu.api.ovh.com/console/#/ipLoadbalancing

Please note your Load Balancer will keep the same level of functionality as its current offer.
We would also like to inform you about our new commercial offers: www.ovh.ie/solutions/load-balancer/
These come with new feature and guarantee of service (SLA).
These offers will be available to you on December 11th 2017, and can be apply using the following API call: eu.api.ovh.com/console/#/ip/loadBalancing/{serviceName}/switchToIplbNextGenerationApi#POST

API migration brings the following changes:
— each port redirection becomes now a frontend (source port) and a farm (destination port):
— the frontend is configured as TCP mode by default. It is configured in HTTP mode if:
— the source port is 80,
— the source port is 443, and the «SSL Certificate» option is activated,
— the farm is configured according to the session management,
— the backends are now servers, linked to a farm,
— the SSL certificate option is available in the panel of the same name.
For more information about the migration operations, you may consult the following «work task» (in French):

For more information about your Load Balancer, you can refer to the documentation (currently in French, an english translation is ongoing):
Выделенные серверы OVH
Выделенные серверы Hetzner

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