Important Client Information: New VAT regulations effective 1 January 2017

Starting on 1 January 2017, a new VAT law from the Russian Federation became effective. These new tax regulations outlined in the law will be enforced for clients who are located in Russian Federation.

Because of this new development, we at Hetzner Online are now obliged to charge tax on products and services for clients located in the Russian Federation. Therefore, our end-users there will be required to pay the regulated 18% VAT.

Companies who can provide us with a valid Individual Identification Nummer (INN) will see no changes. Their invoices will not include the new 18% tax; however, it will include a note stating that the invoice is subject to the reverse charge mechanism. You can find further information about this at:

If you have an INN which you plan to use for your VATs, we request that you enter this in your administration interface account in Robot by going to the following link:

You will be obliged to pay higher gross prices that are the result of the new law if you do not enter a valid INN to your account by 13 February 2017.

For additional information on this subject, please see:

Please note that we at Hetzner Online will be enforcing these new regulations as soon as possible.

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