Change in Your Amazon Web Services Terms of Service

How this affects you
In addition to its headquarters in Luxembourg, AWS Europe will have branches in 15 countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. In these countries, the branches will be treated as a local vendor for VAT purposes. AWS Europe (headquarters and/or branches) will begin charging applicable VAT and providing valid VAT Invoices. Accounts with Tax Registration Numbers should be able to claim a credit for such VAT in accordance with their circumstances and local laws and regulations. (Besides the few exceptions noted here, accounts in countries and associated territories that are not listed above will not experience any change to their tax charge/collection.)
The AWS Customer Agreement has been updated with AWS Europe replacing Amazon Web Services, Inc. as the contracting party for accounts in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. By continuing to use AWS services after 1 July, 2018, you agree to this updated AWS Customer Agreement, which you can review here.

Things You Must Do Prior to 1 July
If you have a Tax Registration Number (also known as a TRN, VAT Number, VAT ID, or VAT Registration Number), visit the Tax Settings page of the AWS Billing Console and confirm/update the TRN and Business Legal Address for your account(s). The list of countries where AWS Europe collects TRNs, as well as the format of such TRNs, can be found here.
If you do not have a TRN or we do not display your country on the dropdown menu in the Manage Tax Registration screen, visit your My Account page of your AWS Console to confirm/update your contact address. Additionally, please visit the Payment Method page of your AWS Console to confirm/update your billing address.
If you pay by electronic funds transfer, update your internal systems to ensure payments are directed to the new bank account. This might include updating records in billing systems or open purchase orders. The new remittance information, including AWS Europe’s address and TRN, is available here. Note that your June invoice (issued in July) will still be issued by Amazon Web Services, Inc.
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