Hetzner Online Newsletter January 2015

1. New Managed Servers
New managed servers with SSD drives for increased speed

New to the product portfolio are two more managed servers with SSD drives for faster reading speed. Both the MX90-SSD and MX150-SSD models are equipped with two 240 GB SATA 6 Gb/s SSD drives.

The MX90-SSD Managed Server is already available for € 83.19 plus a one-off setup fee of € 83.19.
For an overview of all features please see:
Price plus VAT, if applicable.

2. New vServers
New vServers available
Now we are offering you even more powerful vServers with guaranteed RAM at very good value for money.

The three new vServers are all equipped with considerably more system resources. The top VX18 model at just € 18.90 monthly offers 4 GB RAM and 100 GB hard drive capacity with 2 CPU cores.

For details of all models and features please see:
Price plus VAT, if applicable.

3. New Top Level Domains
Further top level domains available to order!
Further interesting top level domains (TLDs) can now be ordered via the Hetzner Online konsoleH administration interface. The following new domains are available:
  • € 18.40 per year: .business, .network
  • € 26.81 per year: .auction, .immo, .software
  • € 41.18 per year: .pizza
  • € 57.98 per year: .bzh
  • € 83.19 per year: .eus, .gal, .physio
Price plus VAT, if applicable.
For an overview of all domain offerings currently available, please see www.hetzner.de/us/hosting/domains/domainregistrierung

4. WebDAV
WebDAV for your backup account
Hetzner Online is now offering WebDAV as a new feature for backup accounts. In addition to FTP, SCP, SFTP and Samba/Cifs, WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) now provides you with a further option for accessing backup space.

As WebDAV is encrypted and runs over https, data for download can easily be accessed via https. Uploading is possible via the WebDAV Extension. If your server uses Windows as operating system, the backup account can simply be integrated as a network share.

WebDAV is available for all backup accounts and can be activated via your Robot administration interface. Backup accounts can be added when booking dedicated root and vServer models. Servers from € 41.18 come with a free 100 GB account.
Please note that backup accounts can only be accessed from within the Hetzner network. For further information on WebDAV please see our Wiki at wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Backup/en#WebDAV
Price plus VAT, if applicable.

5. External Bandwidth
Total external bandwidth increases by over 50 %!
With the extension of a number of new peering points, transits and private peerings, the total external bandwidth for Hetzner Online Data Center Parks now amounts to 960 Gbit/s.
For an overview please see

6. Security Vulnerability
Recently discovered security vulnerability jeopardizes Time Server
A critical vulnerability in the protocol implementation used to synchronize clock settings over the Internet are putting countless servers at risk of remote hijacks until they install a security patch, an advisory issued by several media warned.

Hetzner Onlines' NTP servers were already updated. We should like to stress that it is extremely important to check your configuration as well and update if necessary.

For more information please use e.g. following URL:

7. Did you know?
Individual price presentation and calculation
New VAT guidelines came into effect in the European Union on 1 January 2015 which newly regulate taxation within the EU Member States.

These changes oblige Hetzner Online in future to tax all products and services in the EU Member State where you as the consumer are resident. In view of the new regulations, Hetzner Online will be showing the tax rate for your country in future. Customers outside the EU are not affected.

As net prices are the same for all customers, different gross prices apply to customers from the various EU countries. For example, customers in England will be charged prices incl. 20 % VAT.

It is now possible for you to view gross prices which are country-specific on the Hetzner Online website as well as during the order process. The price is shown without VAT by default on www.hetzner.com. Select your country by clicking on the country flag to display the prices which are relevant to you.

Further information on this topic can be viewed at wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Payment_FAQ/en#How_much_VAT_do_I_need_to_pay.3F

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