Notice of Change in Tax Rule in Russia

Pursuant to Article 174.2 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, beginning 1 July 2017, Alibaba Cloud will be required to charge Russian Value Added Tax (“Russian VAT”) at the rate of 18% on certain electronic services provided to individual (non-business) customers located in the Russian Federation. All Russian VAT collected will be remitted to the relevant Russian tax authority.

Alibaba Cloud is registered for Russian VAT as a non-resident taxpayer and is not required to issue Russian tax invoices. For further details, please refer to the website of Federal Tax Service of Russia at: (English) or (Russian).

Alibaba Cloud will not be required to charge Russian VAT on services provided to Russian business customers. To determine whether a customer is a business customer, the Russian tax authority requires Alibaba Cloud to collect from the customer its Tax Registration Code (“KPP”) and Tax Identification Number (“TIN”).

To confirm that you are a Russian business customer, please provide your 9 digits KPP and 10 digits TIN to us via email at:

If we do not receive both your KPP and TIN by 27 June 2017, we will treat you as an individual customer and will begin to charge the 18% Russian VAT from 1 July 2017 onwards.

Please feel free to reach out to your Alibaba Cloud business representative or our after sales support (through opening a support ticket) with any questions relating hereto.

Yours sincerely, Alibaba Cloud
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