What was old is new

This past month has been one of rejuvenation. As we continue the process of reimagining our site with #gandiv5, everything that felt like immutable constants is being reexamined and reconsidered, even when it doesn’t have to do directly with our site. The result is that what was old is now suddenly, well, new again.

The way our site handles rights management for domains is one example. With #gandiv5, we greatly improved our site’s capacity to accommodate diverse organisational structures, and this month we walked through a relatively simple, fairly common example. We also took an opportunity to revisit an old feature that may nonetheless feel new to some: automatic renewals.

And then, with a change in our relationship to the respective registries, we’ve been able to re-introduce the TLDs .ie and .gl outside of the context of our Corporate services programme. A registry migration of .io also produced some new rules to that TLD as well.

Finally, as always, we peaked ahead to new TLD releases and rounded up the many promos starting in July (and those that are ongoing).

1. #gandiV5 Organisations & teams
With #gandiv5, we’ve been rethinking and reimagining a lot of the core principles of how our domain name registration and management platform works. We’ve long felt the rights management structure in v4 of our site based on whois contact roles (with only four definable roles: Owner, Admin, Tech, and Billing) was cumbersome. That was one thing we set out to improve.

In the new version of our site, your options for rights management at Gandi are wider than ever. To illustrate what’s new, we walked through a common scenario now simplified with the new rights management system.

Come walk through an example with us:

2. Don't miss an expiration: autorenew
Missing a domain expiration date can be embarrassing or damaging. But there’s a way to ensure you don’t miss an expiration date ever with Gandi’s automatic renewal. Activating this feature along with keeping a balance on your prepaid account will help prevent ever having to experience downtime due to a domain that hasn’t been renewed.

Find out how to never miss an expiration date again:

3. Two not-so-new TLDs available
This June, Gandi obtained direct accreditation with two ccTLD (country-code TLD) registries whose domains have long been available at Gandi only with a Corporate subscription.

Now, we are pleased to say that .ie domains and .gl domains are available at Gandi without needing a corporate subscription. All the other registry-specific rules still apply, but these domains are now, notably, available to those with individual handles.

Find out more about .ie:

Get the DL on .gl:

4. New Rules for .io domains
On June 10, .io underwent a technical migration. For the most part, everything stays the same, but some new rules have been added, especially when it comes to renewing a domain name. Particularly if that renewal comes late.

Read the full description of the new .io rules:

5. TLD Release Calendar
As was the case last month, this month is another slow month for TLD releases, with .africa having already entered the Landrush phase 4 July. Next up: .boston enters the Sunrise phase 1 August. Keep track below:
Tuesday 4 July:
  • .africa (Landrush)

Tuesday 1 August:
  • .boston (Sunrise)

Or follow new TLD releases on Gandi News:

6. Promo Roundup
It’s time to round up this month’s promos. Saddle up!

Between two registries offering promos on a large swath of their TLD
portfolios, over 24 TLDs came on promo on 1 July:

Thirteen TLDs of all stripes on sale:

After opening to non-corporate customers, .IE is on sale:

It’s a festival of Radix domain creations and renewals:

For the rest of the year, .asia is 70% off:

Many more are still on promo now that were before:

Get .org-anized for two years at 15% off:

.BLOG domains are on sale:

Stay on .top with a renewal promo:

Latest info: .info, is on promo:

World Press Freedom month promo on .press:

Fresh TLDs for sale:

Go .pro this spring at half-price:

Round up our promos yourselves in their new habitat: the promos category
page on our new news site:

That’s all the old things made new this month.
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