Newsletter September 2018

1. Gandi Events happening this month
This month is globally a busy one for Gandi. We'll be participating in, sponsoring, and even hosting several events in several different cities:
First, PyConJP, the conference for discussion and promotion of the Python programming language, is taking place in Tokyo from September 15 through September 18:
Then, on September 27 in San Francisco, Gandi is excited to be co-sponsoring the EFF Pioneer Awards:
From September 26 through September 28, Kernel Recipes, THE conference dedicated to the Linux kernel will be bringing together 100 of the most devoted Linux fans in Paris (unfortunately, if you haven't signed up yet, registration is already closed):
Finally, from October 4 through October 6, is ParisWeb, a conference for French-speaking folks who make the web. Registration is open! (Early bird registration ends September 19:

2. Two new TLDs not to miss
The .sport and .page TLDs are now open! These two TLDs were launched on September 4 and August 27 respectively, and are for now available for priority registration.
That means, you can register your .sport and .page domains ahead of time and when they enter the GoLive phase we’ll send your order to the registry.
More about .sport:
More about .page:

3. Simple Hosting S+SSL for the price of S
All month, secure your sites hosted on a Simple Hosting instance with an SSL certificate for the price of just the hosting.
Find out more in this article:

4. How to manage your domain online
In this instalment of our Domain Name Guide, we discuss how a registrar’s web portal is your one stop shop for all of them. Here’s how to use a registrar’s web portal effectively.
Find out more in this edition of our Domain Name Guide:

5. Promo Roundup!
Get your .app for 35% off this September, your .shop for $3 (USD) until November 1, your .cat for $6 (USD) until October 15, and your .global for 90% off. And how can you keep track of all these promos when we're not rounding them up? Check out the promos page on our site:

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