Newsletter December 2018

The holidays are coming up and we have plenty of gifts for you this month: a new customer interface design for our website, new versions of languages on Simple Hosting, and the release of .dev domains.

  • 1. A new customer interface
  • 2. New versions of languages on Simple Hosting
  • 3. Launching .dev
  • 4. A peak behind the curtain
  • 5. Promo roundup!

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Happy Holidays!
1. A new customer interface
We have completely redesigned the Gandi user interface to help offer the most trustworthy user experience possible. This is the result of months of work on the part of our design team.
Find out more on our blog:

2. New versions of languages on Simple Hosting
A new version of PHP, version 7.3, is available as of December 6, 2018. For now, PHP 7.3 is only available on new instances but you can expect to be able to upgrade your existing instances soon.
And not only is a new PHP version available, but a new Node.js version just came out last week too:

3. Launching .dev
In November, we announced the launch dates for .dev, and we are now happy to announce that you can place your order for a .dev domain with Gandi now, and when .dev enters the phase of your choice, we'll send the registration request to the registry:

We suggest using our guide to maximise your chances of getting the domain of your choice:

Check prices and phases for .dev on the .dev price page:

4. A peak behind the curtain
With the end of the year coming up, it's time for year-end reviews, statistics, retrospectives, etc. In that vein, we recently took a look at our staffing this past year and one number jumped out at us: the number of new employees at Gandi in 2018—twenty-seven. Twenty-seven people have joined our team since the beginning of the year, which is quite a challenge for a company with only around 100 employees. Training and integrating all these new staff and getting them acclimated to working at Gandi has been a challenge we were happy to take on, and one we covered recently in our blog:
Another behind-the-scenes topic we covered this month was with regards to the way our teams mobilise in times of crisis. Read more about that on our blog as well:

5. Promo roundup!
First off, unfortunately, the registry for .io, .sh, and .ac announced a price increase coming up on domain creations, renewals, and transfers starting January 1, 2019. There's no promotion here, but we strongly recommend renewing for as many years as possible before the new year rolls around:

Next, get a little .help this holiday season with 50% off .help domains:

Of course, check back for more promos on our Promos page:
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