In June, we're welcoming PHP7 and .STORE

As we enter the summer months in the northern hemisphere, we want to help you relax a bit. Choose your favorite tee-shirt (and why not a re-issued vintage Gandi one:, kick back on the porch with a glass of lemonade (or a mint julep if you’re so inclined) and relax — because making things easier is what we’re all about this month.

To start out with, we’re making it easier for our global customers to buy products and services with us because now we’re proud to accept payment in ten more new currencies than before. We’ve also just updated Simple Hosting to PHP 7 and MySQL 5.6. We have some plans with that which aren’t quite ready yet that should make things easier for you too.

Next we hopefully ease some anxiety with our look at one of the reasons mail can be delayed. We’re also making it easier to pick out a hosting option with our Visualization of the levels of complexity and technical knowledge associated with different levels at which you might want control of a site.

And as always, we’re rounding out this month’s newsletter with a look at this month’s promos and TLD releases.

Ten new currencies now available at Gandi
We’re making it easier this month for customers who may not have ready access to a bank account with funds in USD by accepting payments in ten new currencies, increasing our total number of accepted currencies to 15 (well, 16 if you count Bitcoin).

Read about all currencies Gandi now accepts:

Update: PHP 7 + MySQL 5.6 (Percona) and PostgreSQL 9.4 on Simple Hosting
We are making it easier to use our Simple Hosting platform for hosting web applications by adding PHP 7, MySQL 5.6, PostgreSQL 9.4 and MongoDB 2.4 to Simple Hosting.

Find out how to try it out here:

Recently-delegated TLDs
This past month it seemed like all the strings that were delegated were attractive properties on a Monopoly board getting snatched up by all the usual players. TLDs like .blog, .dot, and .shop were all delegated this past month.

See if anyone got a monopoly this month:

In-Depth: When your mail is delayed
Email is great and reliable when it gets there on time. But it can cause serious stress when on rare occasions it can be delayed for reasons beyond either your control or ours. We thought we’d at least provide you with an explanation of one possible reason for this and what you can do about it this month to relieve a bit of that anxiety.

Get answers on why your mail can get delayed:

Visualization: How to choose a hosting option
With the goal of making choosing a hosting option simpler and easier, we’ve peeled away hosting layer by layer to tease out a convenient hosting options diagram that illustrates the level of control you get at each level and the technical knowledge level you need to manage hosting at that level.

Find your hosting option:

TLD Release Calendar
Wednesday 1 June:
  • .moi (Sunrise)

Monday 6 June:
  • .group (Landrush)
  • .salon (Landrush)

Tuesday 7 June:
  • .store (Landrush)

Monday 8 June:
  • .group (GoLive)
  • .salon (GoLive)

Tuesday 14 June:
  • .store (GoLive)

Monday 20 June:
  • .gmbh (Landrush)
  • .ltd (Landrush)

Wednesday 22 June:
  • .gmbh (GoLive)
  • .ltd (GoLive)

Wednesday 29 June:
  • .store (GoLive)

Promo roundup
Starting 1 June :
  • .irish €6.50 per year through 30 June
  • .lgbt €20.86 per year (60% off)through 30 June
  • .space €2.00 per year through 30 June
  • .club €5.16 per year (50% off) through 30 June
  • .ngo|.ong 50% off through 30 June
Starting 3 June:
  • .xyz
Starting 20 June for 10 days only:
  • .online, .site .tech, .website, .space, .host, .press

Ongoing promotions:
  • .green €23.84 / £19.71 (50% off) per year through 30 June
  • .store €15.00 / £12.00 per year in GoLive until 14 August
  • .me €9.60 / £8.40 through 31 December
  • .accountant, .bid, .cricket, .date, .download, .faith, .loan, .party,
  • .racing, .review, .science, .trade, .webcam, .win €2.00 / £1.50 per year
  • through 31 December

Last chance for these promos ending 30 June
  • .boutique, .immo, .maison, .sarl, .voyage €10.00 through 30 June
  • .live €12.98 per year through 30 June
  • .family €7.50 per year through 30 June
  • .in €6.25 through 30 June
  • .link €3.24 and .click €2.64 through 30 June

Check out our promo page to find out more:
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Выделенные серверы Hetzner

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