GCP is building a region in Zürich

Switzerland is a country famous for pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and banking, and its central location in Europe makes it an attractive location for cloud. Today, we’re announcing a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) region in Zürich to make it easier for businesses to build highly available, performant applications. I am originally from Switzerland, so this cloud infrastructure investment is personally exciting for me.

Zürich will be our sixth region in Europe, joining our future region in Finland, and existing regions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Overall, the Swiss region brings the total number of existing and announced GCP regions around the world to 20—with more to come!

The Swiss region will open in the first half of 2019. Customers in Switzerland will benefit from lower latency for their cloud-based workloads and data, and the region is also designed for high availability, launching with three zones to protect against service disruptions.
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