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Последний шанс захватить 40% от всех услуг в Буффало, штат Нью-Йорк

Свинг в Spring в Буффало
В ознаменование окончания зимних месяцев, и, чтобы помочь вам начать Q2 с ударом, для остальной части этого месяца мы предлагаем ОГРОМНЫЙ 40% от всех услуг на нашем Буффало, штат Нью — Йорк, место.

На севере штата» объект, так как местные жители относятся к нему, обеспечивает превосходную связь и задержку в Европу в то время как выгоды от благоприятной экономической среды в регионе.

В том же время, рядом «Чудо света» Niagara Falls обеспечивает надежную и недорогую гидро-электроэнергию, что позволяет наша ЦОД работать на возобновляемых источниках энергии, и, таким образом, несет ограниченный углеродный след.

С зеленым хостингом, отличной связью и сертификацией SAS70 для загрузки, почему бы не начать свой год от права, принять Буффал, и качаться в весной с DediServe?

Для того, чтобы проверить и протестировать скорость нашего центра обработки данных Buffalo от вашего местоположения, посетить наш живой сайт скоростно-тест. Или, чтобы воспользоваться этой специальной сделкой, введите предложение Код: NY2018 перед покупкой или нажмите назначенную ссылку ниже.


Swing into Spring in Buffalo

To commemorate the end of the Winter months and to help you start off Q2 with a bang, for the rest of this month we’re offering a HUGE 40% off all services at our Buffalo, New York, location.

The «upstate» facility, as locals refer to it, provides superior connectivity and latency to Europe while benefiting from the favourable economic environment in the area.

Meanwhile, nearby «Wonder of the World,» Niagara Falls provides reliable and inexpensive hydro-electric power, allowing our data centre to operate on renewable energy and thus carry a limited carbon footprint.

With green hosting, excellent connectivity and an SAS70 certification to boot, why not start your year off right, embrace Buffalo, and swing into Spring with DediServe?

To check and test the speed of our Buffalo data centre from your location, visit our live speed-test site. Or, to take advantage of this special deal, enter offer code: NY2018 before purchasing or click the designated link below.


Plesk license price changes

Following the announcement of Plesk's price increases back in October 2017, the time has come for us to adjust our license fees to bring them in line with current costs, all services will be adjusted automatically and effective as of your next billing period.

Below is a summary of the new Plesk license pricing;

All prices are excluding VAT (if applicable)

Kind regards,
The Dediserve Team

Meltdown and Spectre patching

В некоторых из наших клиентов могут быть известны, Project Zero команда Google недавно обнаружила уязвимость, связанную со всеми системами Intel на базе работающих во всем мире, Короче говоря — есть недостаток безопасности с тем, как сделка процессоры с обработкой виртуальной памяти.


Если вы задаетесь вопросом, как защитить себя от уязвимости, расслабиться — мы Вас поддержим!

Новые ядра подготавливаются Linux сообщество, после освобождения (мы ожидаем, что в течение 24 часов) мы начнем тестирование небольшого числа хостов перед развертыванием всех гипервизоров по всему миру.

При этом нам нужно будет перезагрузить все HVS, который мы будем планировать в волнах, и в нерабочее время. Все клиенты будут получать уведомление по билету с их запланированного времени перезагрузки и не нужно ничего делать, когда придет время.

После перезагрузки, было бы также целесообразно для клиентов, чтобы обновить их виртуальной машине, чтобы защитить их тоже, если вы не знаете, как, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нашей службой поддержки, который будет рад помочь!

С уважением,
Джеймс Thatcher
DediSERVE Limited

Happy new year! Dediserve news and 2018's January Promotion

2017 was a record year, with more services in existence and customers world-wide now, than ever in Dediserve's history, we have our customers to thank for our success! Thank you all, you're awesome :)
As always, we love feedback and continually look to improve our services, so any features requests or ideas to make your experience even better, are always welcome.
We have a few new things to be aware of;

New website
As you may have noticed we have a new website, complete with client-side GUI, we've streamlined order processes and will also be launching our new Live chat system in the next few days to provide you support exactly when you need it.

Dediserve Vault
This is our Nextcloud-based collaborative storage platform, complete with desktop and mobile apps, we're currently offering a 10GB allocation totally free!
Claim your 10GB!

New hardware
We have been hard at work developing and testing new environments to make our services even faster, and will soon be rolling out new configurations based on the latest Xeon Gold CPUs, DDR4 memory and Enterprise-grade SSDs, we've benchmarked the new platforms and the performance is beyond expectation, we're about to turn things up to 11!

New locations
We have several new locations due to go live in the coming months, over the next few weeks we will announce these in the order of deployment, as always we're open to discussions on locations, if you have a requirement, let us know!

January 2018 promotion
To start things off with a bang, we will be offering 40% off Flexible Resources and Fixed Instances at our Chicago, USA location for the month of January, as usual this is a limited-time offer and will expire January 31st and can only be used for new services, not to discount existing. Simply click the link below to take you to the cart with the code pre-applied, or enter HAPPY2018 at checkout with the Chicago location selected.

Order now!

New status sage - Please sign up

Along with the update of our new website and client suite, we have also upgraded our Dediserve status page at dediservestatus.com

If you are unaware of our statuspage, it is an automated platform that will show you real-time issue in each of our global cloud locations and also provide email updates of any and all planned maintenance that might affect your services.


Your previous subscription to the alerts has ended with the platform upgrade, if you still wish to receive alerts you will need to re-subscribe.

If you do not receive the verification email, please check your junk folder.

dediserve expands into Oslo, Norway

Due to popular demand and customer feedback we have now opened a public platform in Oslo, Noway.

Based in the heart of Oslo, our platform offers fantastic local peering and access, as well as word-class international transit, the full carrier list, includes Telenor, Colt, Cogent with peering at NIX and NIX2 for unparalleled access throughout Scandinavia and Europe.

To celebrate the launch of our new Norwegian platform and as we do to celebrate every new launch we are offering an incredible offer as seen below

You can check and test the speed from your location to our Oslo cloud here speedtest.c1.nor1.dediserve.com

50% RECURRING for Life! – discount on this platform until 1700GMT, Friday the 12th of May 2017.

Included at no additional charge – per server you build:
  • 250Mbps Uplinks, Free 1Gbps Private LAN, Storage LAN & Firewalls
  • 1.5TB Outbound transfer per GB of RAM, Free Inbound
  • Snapshot Backup and Custom Template Engine (10GB included free)
  • 24 / 7 / 365 Comprehensive Support
  • Permanent KVM console to all servers
  • Global AnyCast DNS Platform
  • Comprehensive API, iOS and Android Apps
  • 24/7/365 Comprehensive Support
  • To avail of this special offer you can sign up here

Baremetal Private Clouds Available Globally

You can now take advantage of dediserve’s experience and expertise in building cloud platforms, with the launch of your very own private cloud platform. Choose from more than 16 global locations for your private cloud and let us build platforms that are end to end PCI-DSS compliant, meet Healthcare or Government standards requirements or adhere to ISO standards for your corporate clients or compliance needs.

Perfect for Hosting providers or cloud providers seeking geographic reach, leverage our extensive expertise and experience to get up and running fast.

Based on years of experience of running public cloud infrastructures at scale, our Private clouds are known, guaranteed configurations, built to optimise performance and redundancy at all points. Infinitely scalable as you grow, we deliver a turn-key solution, ready on day 1 for you to deploy virtual servers and get to work. With a 100% Single tenant architecture, completely dedicated to you, backed by our 1000% SLA and 24/7/365 comprehensive support ensuring 100% uptime and availability and complete DR for total peace of mind.

Choose from Xen, KVM or VMware Hypervisors with OnApp Industry leading orchestration for easy management.

Check out our website for more details, or speak to us now!!!