Serverius launches new German PoP

Serverius networking is proud to announce to open their new PoP at the datacenter InterXion Frankfurt Germany. This new PoP will add even more bandwidth capacity to the global Serverius BGP network and it will provide the lowest possible latency from Frankfurt Germany to the Netherlands.

The uniqueness of this PoP is the low latency fiber transport ring from Germany to the Netherlands. Not only 1 fiber path but a real non crossing fiber ring. One route from Germany Frankfurt – Hamburg – Groningen – Serverius datacenter DC2, the another fiber path through a straight line From Frankfurt to the Netherlands by the city of Zwolle to the DC2. All without any inference of Amsterdam! No other Dutch datacenter network is providing this.

This new PoP is the latest addition to the new network related services portfolio. Customers can use it for small vlan’s, 10G or 40G waves, direct fiber connections to use IP-transit, use the famous DDoS scrubbing services and much more.

The benefit of this new PoP to the Serverius network is the new direct connection to the DE-CIX, GE-CIX, China Telecom and some other full transit providers. Internet routes to Germany, Sweden, Baltic regions, Russia will go from now on by this new fiber route and PoP.

Sergey Petukhin, Senior network engineer of Serverius: “I’m very excited the our datacenter is the first and only in the Netherlands providing Amsterdam and German connectivity in 1 datacenter above sea level. The disadvantage of Amsterdam is that all datacenters are built on wet feet, so they are all below sea level. And larges disadvantage of Amsterdam is that connectivity is only routed via Amsterdam fibers, if Amsterdam goes down, there will be no alternative and all will be down… The world is changing and international clients want to use the best of both world in Europe. They want to save costs to use AMS-IX exchange and DE-CIX exchange connectivity for their European presence. In the past most of them just used one or both cities, but from now on that’s not needed anymore. From the Serverius core network the latency to Amsterdam is round 1ms and to Frankfurt Germany is about 5 milliseconds. In most cases it is more than acceptable for them.
Another advantage is that we can run our network without 1 part. For example, we can unplug all fibers to Amsterdam or all from Frankfurt and still have good internet connection to the rest of the world. With the new upcoming routing network this will go fully automatically. No other Dutch datacenter network can do the same, because all of them rely completely on Amsterdam fibers.”
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