OpenVZ VPS Packages now with Voxility DDoS Protection

NodeServ DDoS-Protection Now Available in Jacksonville Florida!
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NodeServ is happy to announce it now is offering DDoS protected OpenVZ VPS hosting.

With malicious DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks becoming so common, and with the impact from attacks becoming destructive to both hosts and customers, NodeServ decided to offer protection services. These attacks are growing in size and are regularly in the news and often blamed when online services are offline.

DDoS attacks work by sending lots of requests from many networks simulataneously. This effectively floods the server, upstream router or in severe instances the entire datacenter. Attacks can last for hours, days, weeks or even months depending on how determined the attackers are.

It doesn't matter if your hosting service is used for hosting your personal blog, a game server, chat server for your friends, your company website or for a large ecommerce site – downtime is devastating.

Special Offers on DDoS Protected OpenVZ
We are including two promotional packages with HUGE savings so you can try our DDoS protection. These are available for a limited and promotion will expire.

What is NodeServ DDoS-Protection?(Information about Voxility DDoS Protection)

NodeServ is using DDoS filtering protection from a proven leader – Voxility. With total network protection of 500Gbps, Voxility is both able to handle malicious attacks and reroute traffic across its global network should a failure occur.

We are connecting to Voxility via their filtering location in Miami. From NodeServ's Jacksonville location to Voxility's Miami location is just 10ms of latency. This low latency makes it possible to run any application successfully (audio, video, development servers, etc.). Below is a graph just showing how much and how big some attacks that were mitigated by our DDoS Protection.

How does NodeServ DDoS Protection Work?
One word: seamlessly.
New customer orders have the option of adding DDoS protection to their OpenVZ package for a monthly addon price of $3 per DDoS Filtered IP. These customers when provisioned will receive two IPv4 addresses. One will be a normal unprotected IP, the other will be the DDoS Protected IP. From our customer control panel customers can deactivate the public IP address should they want to or more advanced customers can manually configure their VPS to only use the protected IP address.

DDoS protection is automatic. When and if your server is under attack the activity will be detected and Voxility protection will automatically go between you and the attacker. The detection can take up to one minute to take effect and for the attack to stop.

Protection for Existing Customer Services
If you currently have an active service with NodeServ and would like to subscribe to our DDoS Protection you can! Please contact support and we will human-handle your service addon. This is a manual configuration process, so please allow up to 24 hours.
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