High-Memory Instances and $5 Linodes

We’re proud to announce our first specialized instance family: high-memory instances, along with a new $5 Linode, increased network-out speed and an increase of storage for the 2GB standard plan.

High Memory Instances
High-memory instances are optimized for memory-intensive workloads like high-performance databases, in-memory caching, rendering and data processing.

$5 plan – Linode 1GB
We’ve introduced a Linode 1GB, our lowest priced instance at $5 per month.

Linode 2GB Storage Increase
The existing Linode 2GB ($10 per month) plan has received a free storage upgrade from 24GiB to 30GiB.

Network Out Speed Limit Increase
We've raised the minimum network out speed to 1000Mbps across all plans.

We hope you get great use out of these new plans. In the coming months we’ll be beta testing our new Linode Manager, RESTful API, and block storage service.
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