Newsletter August 2018

1. Better spam protection in Gandi Mail
We recently deployed a new anti-spam service on our mail servers. Both more efficient and more responsive in the face of spam, viruses, phishing, and other menaces, this new tool will also help you optimise your email management, thanks to more detailed and specific error messages and the addition of category metadata.
Read more:

2. Fun with Sieve rules
Sieve is the mail filtering language you can use to filter the email you receive with your Gandi Mail account. This month we published some examples of how you might use it.
Read the examples on our blog:

3. New reseller platform is now open in beta
After teasing it for months, we released our new reseller platform in beta this month.
Find out more in our blog post:

4. Our website is now available in Japanese
Gandi's website is now available in Japanese!
Check out the details here:

5. UX Team update
Our UI/UX team is hard at work behind the scenes to improve the tools we provide you with to manage your domains, hosting, and other services. They smooth out the points of friction in the interface, add new features, basically work on all aspects of user experience.

You’ve probably noticed they’ve been especially busy lately, rolling out not just the new reseller platform mentioned above, but also the new search filters and the ability to make selections of multiple services for the purposes of performing certain mass actions on them. The DNS interface has also been improved and the payment confirmation page completely rebuilt. And we want to hear what you think about them! Let them know by emailing

Other improvements are coming in the next few weeks, and we’ll be happy to tell you about it in next month’s newsletter.

6. New TLD releases
Following .charity entering the Sunrise phase on 10 July, .llc went into the GoLive phase on 23 July, and .page is all but ready to enter the Sunrise phase on 27 August. Stay tuned for more!
Find your .charity, now in Sunrise:
GoLive for .llc domains:

7. Promo roundup
A .cat for a year at half price or a .tech for a year for a tenth of the
normal price! The promos haven’t stopped this summer either.
Check them out on our Promos page:
Выделенные серверы OVH
Выделенные серверы Hetzner

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