Newsletter April 2016: NVM, premium domains and more

1. Node Version Manager on Simple Hosting
Node Version Manager, better known as nvm, is now available on Simple Hosting Node.js. This means you can run any version of Node.js distributed via nvm. You no longer have to limit yourself to the ones pre-installed on your instance.

All you need to do is add a ".nvmrc" file to your project's root directory and deploy your code.
One consequence of this update is that you can now run a parse server to build your own Facebook apps. Read about how to set that up in our wiki:
For full details, you can read our post about it:
Or read our wiki tutorial:

2. How to tell if you have received a slamming email
Over the past month or so, Gandi domain owners have been hit with a wave of slamming emails. These emails pretend to be official notices regarding your domain name registration trying to get you to provide your banking information to a third party.

If you ever get an email like this, remember:
  • i. Check the sender email address. Gandi reminders come from the address
  • ii. Check the recipient address. If you have our anti-spam service activated, your real address will not be available to spammers. Gandi will only contact you at your real address. An email sent to an email address, then, should be suspicious.
  • iii. Check the Messages tab and the Domains page in your Gandi account. If your domain is expired, you’ll see it on your Domains page. If we emailed you, you’ll see it in your Messages tab.
  • iv. Turn on anti-spam in your account management. If your account doesn’t have this feature activated, it’s harder to tell if an email is legitimate.
If this is a concern for you be sure to read our whole post:

3. Recently-delegated TLDs
A few of the notable strings added to the root this month (that is, newly-added TLDs) provide a glimpse into some of the factors that ICANN considers when it decides to approve or not approve new gTLD applications. In particular, they shed some light on Community TLDs, Community Objections, and Public Interest Commitments. Read about which strings were delegated and what they reveal:

4. Gandi Events
This past month, our CTO and Gandi US VP Pascal visited Holberton School a couple of times and we hosted a UX Speed Dating event at our San Francisco office. Coming up this month, we’ll be hosting another UX Speed Dating event on April 20 and on April 16 we’ll be kicking off our new series about DNS The Root Zone. with CloudFlare.
Read the details here:

5. In-depth: What’s a premium domain?
“This domain name is categorized as ‘Premium’ at the registry.”
Maybe you’ve seen something like this message before at Gandi or another registrar. If you have, you may also have wondered what makes these domains special and why they cost extra.
This month we went in-depth on this topic. See what we found out:

6. Visualization: Things you can do with a domain name
We are continuing our data visualization series this month with a look at a few of the most common and best uses for domain names.
See the image on this page:

7. TLD release Calendar
Here's a look at TLD releases at Gandi for the month of April 2016:
Tuesday 5 April:
  • .ist (Landrush)
  • .istanbul (Landrush)
Wednesday 6 April:
  • .store (Sunrise)
Tuesday 12 April:
  • .gmbh (Sunrise)
  • .ltd (Sunrise)
Thursday 14 April:
  • .promo (Sunrise)
Thursday 21 April:
  • .tube (Sunrise)
Stay tuned for updates and, of course, for next month's releases.

8. Promo Roundup
We've got some serious, no-fools April promos:
Starting 1 April:
  • .live €12.98 per year through 30 June
  • .accountant, .bid, .cricket, .date, .download, .faith, .loan, .party,
  • .racing, .review, .science, .trade, .webcam, .win €2.00 per year through
  • 31 December
  • .site, .website €2.00 through 30 April
  • .mx €13.30 through 30 April
  • .boutique, .immo, .maison, .sarl, .voyage €10.00 through 30 June
  • .mom €1.00 through 6 May

Ongoing promotions:
  • .asia 70% off, through 31 March
  • .me €9.60 through 31 December
  • .in €6.25 through 30 June
  • .rocks €5.97 and .social €12.49 through 31 May
  • .link €3.24 and .click €2.64 through 30 June
  • .adult, .porn, .sex, .xxx €12.00 through 31 May
  • €14.69 through 31 May

That’s all we have in the forecast this month. Stay tuned next month to
find out what’s in store for May. See you then!
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