In November, get a great .tech to match with your .io

1. is now open source
As many of you may be aware, we are committed to the idea of open source. As such, when we need a new tool, we first turn to the Open Source community to see if one already exists. In some cases, though, we can't find exactly what we need. This was the case with the status page on our site (, which we needed to be able to keep you all informed in all possible channels of the status of our services.

So when we found we couldn't accomplish this with any existing Open Source solutions, we developed our own. We called our little sapling Baobab.

And now that it's up and has been working how we want it to work for awhile now, we decided it's about time to set it free so that it can grow into the kind of majestic, old tree it's named for (Baobab, image search it if you don't know). Check out our GitHub repo (and fork it, if you're interested) here:

2. Bitcoin payments are live
This past month we joined a growing number of merchants, in meatspace as well as cyber space, who have embraced Bitcoin.

It's been exciting to hear the positive reactions so far and we're hoping that as more of your domains expire and need renewed that an increasing number of those renewals make use of our Bitcoin payment option.

Bitcoin payment with Gandi works like any other payment method. Just select Bitcoin for your payment method next time you check out. You pay in the currency of your account and the conversion is made by our Bitcoin provider. Find out more on this page:
Or, even better, by making a payment via Bitcoin.

3. High Price of Cheap
If you're reading this, you probably already know we're not really into buying up billboard space and plastering ourselves all over busstops. It's just not our style. We rely on having a product that works how people want it to and of course has a low tolerance for bullshit. And that's where you come in; we do all our promotion via word-of-mouth.

But when you talk us up, and we hope we've gained your trust enough that you do recommend us, maybe you've heard something along the lines of «Gandi is great but so-and-so is cheaper.» The thing is, when you look into the details, it's just not true. There's a high price of cheap. And that's why we put together this guide to some of the tricks out there as well as the value of a Gandi domain.

Check it out on this page:

So next time you come across someone waffling between Gandi or a «cheap» domain, feel free to pass on the link.

4. A .tech for every .io
And before we get into this month's new gTLDs and our other promos we have planned, we wanted to highlight one in particular that's close to our hearts. This month (until December 10th) when you buy a .io domain, you'll get a code for a .tech domain from us by email. With the holidays approaching, a .io or a .tech domain would make great virtual stocking stuffers.

Find out more here:
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Выделенные серверы Hetzner

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