Product Update: May 2017

High CPU Droplets: Early Access
We are now offering early access to a new set Droplet Plans: High CPU Droplets.
Focused on reliable high performance, High CPU Droplets are backed by a more powerful, best-in-class CPU, and won’t have any overcommitment on the underlying physical resources.
We will be onboarding customers to private early access as we have capacity. Sign up here to request early access.

Block Storage in Singapore + Future Rollouts
Need more disk? You can now add Block Storage volumes up to 16TB in size to Droplets in Singapore! In order to help you plan your deployments, we've finalized the timelines for the next five regions. Here is the schedule we're targeting for Block Storage rollout in 2017:
  • Singapore (SGP1): Now!
  • Toronto (TOR1): June
  • Bangalore (BLR1): Late Q2/Early Q3
  • Amsterdam (AMS3): Late Q2/Early Q3
  • New York City (NYC3): Late Q3/Early Q4
  • London (LON1): Late Q3/Early Q4
We'll have more specific updates to share on SFO1, NYC2, and AMS2 in a future update. Read the full blog post here.

Monitoring is Generally Available
Since December, all new droplets have had the option of including the DigitalOcean Agent that enables more detailed metrics like CPU, Memory, and Disk Utilization and Top Processes. Now everyone can set up alert policies on these metrics using Monitoring. Best of all it’s free! What’s next for Monitoring?
  • API support for alert policies
  • Enhanced visualization of alerts
  • Webhooks to notify external services about alerts
  • See the Monitoring blog post for more details.
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