Happy new year! Dediserve news and 2018's January Promotion

2017 was a record year, with more services in existence and customers world-wide now, than ever in Dediserve's history, we have our customers to thank for our success! Thank you all, you're awesome :)
As always, we love feedback and continually look to improve our services, so any features requests or ideas to make your experience even better, are always welcome.
We have a few new things to be aware of;

New website
As you may have noticed we have a new website, complete with client-side GUI, we've streamlined order processes and will also be launching our new Live chat system in the next few days to provide you support exactly when you need it.

Dediserve Vault
This is our Nextcloud-based collaborative storage platform, complete with desktop and mobile apps, we're currently offering a 10GB allocation totally free!
Claim your 10GB!

New hardware
We have been hard at work developing and testing new environments to make our services even faster, and will soon be rolling out new configurations based on the latest Xeon Gold CPUs, DDR4 memory and Enterprise-grade SSDs, we've benchmarked the new platforms and the performance is beyond expectation, we're about to turn things up to 11!

New locations
We have several new locations due to go live in the coming months, over the next few weeks we will announce these in the order of deployment, as always we're open to discussions on locations, if you have a requirement, let us know!

January 2018 promotion
To start things off with a bang, we will be offering 40% off Flexible Resources and Fixed Instances at our Chicago, USA location for the month of January, as usual this is a limited-time offer and will expire January 31st and can only be used for new services, not to discount existing. Simply click the link below to take you to the cart with the code pre-applied, or enter HAPPY2018 at checkout with the Chicago location selected.

Order now!
Выделенные серверы OVH
Выделенные серверы Hetzner

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