Welcome to Canada!

We are very excited to launch our first North American facility, outside the USA, in the great province of Ontario, Canada.

Canada is a recognized world leader in privacy legislation so whether your business is targeting the Canadian market or whether you are an international company targeting the US market; Canada is an ideal location for hosting business-critical applications. All of our servers and customers’ data reside in Canada at all times, backed by the full protection of Irish and European Privacy and Data protection.

With 25 diverse points of entrance to the building. Our Toronto BGP mix consists of connectivity to Tata Communications, Level3, TiNET, Cogeco Data Services, and Peering via the Toronto Internet Exchange (TorIX).

Explore our Toronto Network here

50% RECURRING for Life!
discount on this platform until 1700GMT, Friday the 13th of November 2015.
Included at no additional charge – per server you build:
  • 250Mbps Uplinks, Free 1Gbps Private LAN, Firewalls
  • 1.5TB Outbound transfer per GB of RAM, Free Inbound
  • Snapshot Backup and Custom Template Engine
  • 24 / 7 / 365 Comprehensive Support
  • Permanent KVM console to all servers
  • Global AnyCast DNS Platform
  • Comprehensive API, iOS and Android Apps

To avail of this special offer you can sign up here
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