Baremetal Private Clouds Available Globally

You can now take advantage of dediserve’s experience and expertise in building cloud platforms, with the launch of your very own private cloud platform. Choose from more than 16 global locations for your private cloud and let us build platforms that are end to end PCI-DSS compliant, meet Healthcare or Government standards requirements or adhere to ISO standards for your corporate clients or compliance needs.

Perfect for Hosting providers or cloud providers seeking geographic reach, leverage our extensive expertise and experience to get up and running fast.

Based on years of experience of running public cloud infrastructures at scale, our Private clouds are known, guaranteed configurations, built to optimise performance and redundancy at all points. Infinitely scalable as you grow, we deliver a turn-key solution, ready on day 1 for you to deploy virtual servers and get to work. With a 100% Single tenant architecture, completely dedicated to you, backed by our 1000% SLA and 24/7/365 comprehensive support ensuring 100% uptime and availability and complete DR for total peace of mind.

Choose from Xen, KVM or VMware Hypervisors with OnApp Industry leading orchestration for easy management.

Check out our website for more details, or speak to us now!!!
Выделенные серверы OVH
Выделенные серверы Hetzner

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