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Перераспределение облачных VPS

Ежемесячная стоимость была сокращена до 2,79 евро в центрах обработки данных
  • Arezzo (DC2 / IT2)
  • Париже (DC4 / FR1)
  • Франкфурта (DC5 / DE1)
  • Лондоне (DC6 / UK1)
  • Варшаве (DC8 / PL1)
Предложение € 1 по-прежнему действует для центров обработки данных
  • Arezzo (DC1 / IT1)
  • Ktiš (DC3 / CZ1)

20 ноября 2017г — цена Small Cloud VPS (Cloud Server Smart) — по-прежнему доступна за 1 евро за месяц в центрах обработки данных DC1 / IT1 и DC3 / CZ1 — была снижена с 4,99 евро до 2,79 евро в месяц на DC2 / IT2, DC4 / FR1, DC5 / DE1, DC6 / UK1 и DC8 / PL1. Это комплексный процесс переоценки, действительный как для новых покупок, так и продления.
Для всех услуг Small Cloud VPS (Cloud Server Smart), активированных или возобновленных после 20 ноября 2017 года в центрах обработки данных DC2 / IT2, DC4 / FR1, DC5 / DE1, DC6 / UK1 и DC8 / PL1, будет применяться ежемесячная плата в размере 2,79 евро
Для аналогичных продуктов, активированных или обновленных в центрах обработки данных DC1 / IT1 и DC3 / CZ1, цена 1 евро / месяц будет продолжать применяться.

  • Operating system: Linux
  • CPU: 1 Core
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Storage: 20 GB SSD
  • In/out traffic: 2 TB/month
  • Hypervisor: VMware


Aruba Cloud services available also in Poland

Our Cloud services available also in Poland
With the recent opening of the new data center DC-PL1 in Warsaw, you can now activate Aruba Cloud services in Poland too.

The new partner data center is Tier III+ rated, demonstrating the high level of reliability it offers. This is the Aruba Group's eighth data center in Europe and, as well as meeting the demands of local customers, it represents a fantastic opportunity to expand your business to the Central and Western European markets.

You can manage and activate cloud services at the new DC-PL1 and at all the other data centers in the Aruba Cloud network directly from your Control Panel.

Aruba Cloud - New support platform

Dear Customer, we are pleased to inform you that as of today, Aruba Cloud is providing 24/7 support in English to all customers. We have activated the new Aruba Cloud support platform support.aruba.it which from today will replace the current platform for opening new support tickets. The current platform will remain active until December 19 only for checking tickets opened before today.

You can also use the same login details to purchase all the services offered by the Aruba S.p.A. group at: www.aruba.it


Aruba Cloud - Important news

From 19 December, we will be implementing a new purchase process and customer area to make our services more user-friendly.

Given the success of our range of services on the market, we are adopting a dynamic method of VAT administration. EU users will also benefit from a simpler purchasing and billing process as this will now be in line with MOSS and Intrastat regulations.

We are therefore pleased to inform you that as of 19 December, the administration of your contractual relationship will be transferred

from the company
Aruba Sas (92/98 Boulevard Victor Hugo 92115 Clichy Cedex, France)
directly to the holding company
Aruba S.p.A. (P.IVA 01573850516 — Loc. Palazzetto, 4 — 52011 Bibbiena (AR) — Italy).
This change will not alter any costs or prices.

We have also simplified the login system by allowing access to the Customer Area simply by using the login details that you have been using up until now for the Control Panel (e.g. AWI-1234). So from 19 December you can use the same login details to access the following:
  • Control Panel
  • Customer Area
  • Shopping cart
We have also taken the opportunity to renew the graphic design of our website https://www.arubacloud.com, where you can find the whole range of Aruba Cloud products and services, which constantly boast remarkably high quality and competitive prices.

And this is only the beginning. We’ve got other developments in store for you soon.

Kind regard
Aruba S.p.A. Customer Service