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Great news! As one the most frequently requested features, you can now add balance to your UpCloud account using PayPal!

PayPal is a fast and safe way to send money and make online payments. Using PayPal, you have a number of new available payment method such as:
  • PayPal balance
  • international bank accounts
  • accepted debit and credit cards
  • …and more!
We are always looking for ways to improve the options of our users. With the addition of PayPal, we are effectively tripling our accepted payment methods for your convenience.

We have also for a long time allowed payments made in multiple currencies, to give the user the choice as to which currency they would like to make their payments in. To continue our support for additional currencies both today and in the future, we will be including a 2% margin in the exchange rate shown if you make a payment in a currency other than the default, USD. This helps us cover some of the fees we are charged when supporting these currencies.

The payment method accepted by PayPal may vary depending on your region. You can always check their supported countries and regions at their website:
You can find out more about our available payment methods and some quick instructions for using PayPal in our support guides:
If you have any questions regarding the PayPal support or any other payment methods in general feel free to contact us by replying to this message!

Regards, Team UpCloud
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