New IP protection technology

By Sergey Petukhin, Head connectivity infrastructure
A year ago, we looked at the execution of many different anti-ddos suppliers. It showed that in terms of security technologies, they all did the same thing: technical “bot or not” checkups with reputation based databases. Each supplier has his own way of doing these checkups, the one is slightly better than the other. But one thing that none of them did well is to combine and compare information of different commercial IP reputation, open-source IP reputation databases with their own attack information to implement these in their global network to prevent or handle attacks much better in the future. The reason is because commercial companies would never use information of a competitors and also because they still rely on some isolated scrubbing product (software or hardware) that’s somewhere inside the network and what would separate the bad from the good data traffic. These days such setup will not work anymore. It’s better to put an entire network infrastructure as protection. And in such a way that all the different hardware components will protect me and simultaneously share protection information with each other. And not only with information about themselves and other private network elements, but also with other external sources. As this principle had to be adapted to our own network and therefore also does not exist, the Serverius R&D team itself started building this software.
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